Some Serious Planning

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all off to a great start to your week. Or do you think of Mondays as the beginning of the week? I used to go with Mondays, but now I’m liking the thought of Sundays as a fresh start. I’m weird, I know.

I had quite a fun, yet really tiring week this past week. I think it was so tiring because of the rain and my commute. I also think my vitamin D levels were low, and I wasn’t getting much sleep. I’m hoping this week is a little better on the energy front.

Here are the fun things I did this past week:

  • Wednesday evening I met up with my friend Rana at her house in the cities area. We drank wine and talked until after 11pm! I didn’t get home and into bed until after 1am! Oh, but it was so fun. I hadn’t seen her since the state fair in September, so we had so much catching up to do. Times like those are so totally worth the lack of sleep!
  • Thursday evening I also went out with a friend. This time, my friend Sarah and I went to the Mall of America for shopping and more adult beverages. I think maybe the adult beverage consumption went up this week in MN because of the gloomy weather. It seems we all wanted to drink for better weather! Anyway, we walked, we talked, we drank, and we shopped. I bought a bunch of makeup samples at Sephora since I’m looking for a new mascara to love and am trying out foundation primers, four new shirts from Cotton On because their shirts are the most comfortable ones I own, and these fun capris to run in. Do you think they’ll make me faster? (answer: nope. I wore them for my run/walk today, and it was my normal today, and they fall down when I run. Sad.)

  • Friday night I met up with some of B’s coworkers for happy hour, then went to our favorite bar to watch the Twins and Wild play. I got bored and tired, so we ended up going home early where I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. Sleep was needed!
  • Saturday we went to brunch and then played lazy people for the rest of the day until the Kentucky Derby. I placed my pretend bet with my pretend money on Danza, who came in 3rd. B told me I would have bet $6, so I would have won $12. Woohoo for winning 12 pretend dollars!
  • Saturday evening we met up with some of B’s coworkers and went to a shower dance for one of his former coworkers. Have you ever been to a shower dance? It’s basically a combined bachelor and bachelorette party, accept children and old people are usually there as well. There is music, food, drinking, and fun! It was a blast, and I danced my little heart out. I’m totally counting that as a workout since I was sweating up a storm!

Today I just hung out around the house, feeling sorry for myself, reading, and finally getting off my butt for a walk. I was feeling sorry for myself because I’ve been struggling with binge eating/overeating this week. That, combined with my constant tiredness, really brought me down. I’m happy to say that my spirits are up again after my walk, because I am able to really think out any problem on a walk. Now I have a plan in place to tackle some issues!

The Plan

This is kind of a multi-faceted plan. Here was everything I wanted to fix with this plan:

  1. I’m running 8 miles in the Minneapolis Marathon as part of a relay on June 1st, and I am really behind on my training
  2. I have had really low energy lately and haven’t been sleeping well
  3. I haven’t been drinking enough water
  4. I need to work on my self love some more

Okay, so here is my plan:

  • Run… a lot. I’ve looked at my week ahead and planned out a running schedule. Basically I’ll be running every day but Friday. I’m also planning to run/walk the longer runs (5 miles tomorrow & 6 on Saturday), while running all of the shorter ones (3 & 4 miles the rest of the days). I think, continuing that same sort of schedule for the rest of the month, will get me back on track with my training plan and able to run those 8 miles.
  • Add in some yoga sculpt to help me build some muscle. My exercise routine has to be a bit inconsistent, just because my job is inconsistent, so I’m not saying I’ll do yoga sculpt on say Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Instead, I want to look at my schedule for the week ahead and determine what will work best. This week, Tuesday and Thursday look like good days to add this in. I’m also thanking Katie for making me think of this. She recently ran a half marathon she was undertrained for and determined her consistent yoga sculpt practice really helped her. I’m hoping it helps me too!
  • Since I’m going to be training hard this month, I need to work on fueling myself correctly to get me there. I’m going to strive to have 2 clean/healthy meals everyday… starting tomorrow since it’s too late now. Winking smile
  • On that same note, I want to cut my alcohol consumption to 1 day per week. I’ve been really dehydrated lately, and my body has been reacting negatively to alcohol (stomach issues & heart burn), so I just need to cut back.
  • You can probably guess this one from the last one – I’m going to work on drinking enough water. I have probably only been drinking about 1-2 glasses of actual water a day, then another few glasses of other liquids. That’s obviously not enough! I’m going to track my water consumption to make sure I drink 8 glasses per day.
  • I’m going to keep working on my self love. I don’t really have a plan here, besides working on stopping the negative comments, and finding fun in my life. Those things really help. I re-posted this picture on Instagram from The Trendy Trainer on Friday, and it really hits home for me as something I need to remember:

  • Finally, I’m starting a 21 day intuitive eating challenge with Jamie tomorrow. I definitely think that will help me with my binges/overeating sessions I mentioned above.

That’s a really long list, but I think I’ve gotten it down into manageable steps. I just need to stay focused this month on that June 1st date that is looming in front of me. I can totally do it!

I was going to do my green tea matcha review today, but this got long. I’ll be back with that tomorrow. I think I will likely be adding some green tea to my list above to help with my energy. Stay tuned!


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