Weekly Goal Recap & Saturday Fun

This was supposed to post yesterday, but it never happened. Let’s go back in time and pretend it’s still Tuesday. Mkay?

Happy Tuesday! I feel like the week is already getting away from me, and it’s only Tuesday. Yikes. So much to get done! I also feel like I could constantly use a nap due to the rainy weather. Can we please have some sun soon?! The 10 day forecast right now shows only 3 days without rain, and only one of those is supposed to have sunshine. It’s so depressing!

Goal Check-In & New Ones

Remember those three goals I set last week? Let’s revisit those and see how things went! Here were my weekly goals, how things went, and my goals for this week:

  1. Exercise at least 5 days with at least 3 runs crossed off from my training plan – done!this week I want to exercise at least 3 days, with 2 of those runs from my training plan. One of those is likely going to be on the treadmill. Boo. It’s less this week because of my commute (1.75 hours one way) and the crappy weather. In other words, I’m so tired!
  2. Stop making excuses and practices IE for reals – not so good… I had some overeating and one mini-binge – I’m still focusing on these things, but I’m also focusing on the quality and quantity of foods I eat. Stay tuned for more on that.
  3. Work on the alcohol issue – so good! I drank a few on Friday night and a couple on Sunday, but I didn’t get drunk and was able to feel good both mornings after. I also planned something fun for Saturday (see below)!Plan something fun to do on Saturday and Sunday just in case I decide to go out this weekend (not likely, but just in case).

Some nice goals for this week. Things I know I can do!

Saturday Fun

So the fun thing I decided I wanted to do on Saturday to keep me from getting too wild and crazy on Friday night? Go fo a hike! I put on Facebook that I wanted to do this and was looking for both someone to go with me and somewhere to go. My friend Kim responded that she would go with me, and she picked the Soo Line trail up by Royalton to walk on. Sounded good to me! We made plans to meet up at 2pm to head up there and were off.

photo 1

It was a super windy day, but the sun came out at the beginning of our walk and warmed us up. At the trail head where we parked there was a sign that said the town of Bowlus was five miles in the direction we were headed. We talked about walking there, getting a drink, and walking back. That sounded like quite the feat, but we were both game. Yeah, that sign lied! It was not 5 miles to Bowlus, but over 6! We were so thirsty when we finally made it there!

Bowlus is a really tiny town, with not much else besides a bar and church. We stopped in the bar, thinking we’d both have a beer and a water before heading back. Well, the bar was packed, and my friend Kim knew 3 people in it! One of the people she knew was a former coworker who bought us not 1 beer, but 3! Instead of being there for a short stop, we were there for about an hour and a half. It was fun though, so no complaints here! The only problem was that, when we finally left, the weather had turned and it was cold out. We walked faster on the way back! We may have also had to stop and pee on a fence. 3 beers will do that to you! :)

photo 3

The only bad part of walking those 12.37 miles? I wore my old, worn out running shoes. You know, the ones without any support left in them. Now I have huge blisters on my feet. Here is my right foot one:

photo 2

Ow! Oh well, it was totally worth it. Now I really have to find something fun for this weekend to top that! Any ideas?

I Hate Being Sick

Did I tell you that I was sick last week? Oh, it was so bad! I had to sleep practically sitting up because all I would do is cough if I layed down. That did not make for quality sleep! After talking to everyone else who had a cough that I knew and finding out they had either bronchitis or pnemonia, I went into the doctor on Friday. I thankfully don’t have either of those, but do have an upper respiratory infection. My doctor gave me codeine to help me sleep and antibiotics to kill the bacteria in my lungs. I’m sleeping much better now! Okay, I wasn’t over the weekend. I don’t think the codeine helped that much, but the antibiotics sure worked well, and I’m feeling almost all better now. Hooray!

With that, I’m out. Later!


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Goal Recap & Saturday Fun

    1. Shelly says:

      The hike was amazing! I love a good long walk. The beer in the middle was just an added bonus! :)
      I already bought new running shoes and absolutely love them. They are the same ones I had before (Saucony Rides), just 2 versions better!

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