Fun Filled Weekend

Hello and happy weekend! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful one. Mine has been full of fun, so I’m now enjoying a much needed lazy day. My liver also likes the break. There are weekends like this one that are full of alcohol and fun, which is totally okay, but my body really craves the other kind of weekends with less alcohol and more exercise. I’m hoping to give into that craving next weekend!

So what did I do in my fun and alcohol infused weekend? Well, Friday we sat out on our deck for a while and enjoyed the sunshine. I wanted a little happy hour action, so we headed out to our usual bar for the meat raffle they put on every Friday. I love me a good meat raffle! There, my friend Julie joined us with her new husband. We may have switched wedding rings.

IMG_2334[1]We may do that once in a while when we are together. 😉

Can you see my nails in the picture above? Not very well, huh. Here’s a better view.

IMG_2327[1]I finally gave my Jamberry Nails another chance! I first bought and wore them in November when we went to Hawaii. They didn’t stay on very long, and I wasn’t very happy with them. I recently found out that there is an official video out there on how to put the nails on best. I watched it, and tried again on Friday. It worked well!

In case you don’t know what Jamberry Nails are, they are nail shields that you put on your nails like stickers. They are supposed to stay on for 10-14 days. I’m hoping they do! It took me about half an hour to get them on this time around. I’m hoping it goes faster with more practice.

So that was my Friday evening. We left the bar pretty early, but it was still plenty of fun for one night.

Saturday was even more fun! We had plans to go to a beer and wine expo in a town nearby with friends, and then grill out with them later. Have you ever gone to a beer or wine tasting event? They are so much fun! This one gave us a real glass (instead of a plastic one), and there were about 100 different kinds of beer to taste. We stayed away from the wine since mixing beer and wine doesn’t work out so well. The wine will also get you drunk fast, which we didn’t want either. Instead, we went around an arena and tried all of the beer we could. It was so fun!

IMG_2336[1]Yep, I even got a pretzel necklace! The Gopher hockey team played in the national championship yesterday, so I had to wear my MN t-shirt. Unfortunately they lost. Bummer.

After the event, we went back to our friends house, grilled, and got sleepy. I was in bed around midnight. I like early nights!

I had huge plans of running and cleaning today, but I woke up with a major headache. I had sobered up before coming home, so I don’t get why I have such a headache! It’s annoying. So I’m having a lazy day of taking care of myself instead of worrying about a run. It works out anyway since it’s so cold outside! It’s a gray and windy day, feeling like only 30* outside. Brr! A perfect day to stay inside and be lazy.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back later this week to regale you with tails of the hiking and running I’m going to do in the next few days while I’m in North Carolina for work. I’m excited for warm weather and blooming flowers! Have a lovely end to your weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Fun Filled Weekend

    1. Shelly says:

      They are working great! The key was to watch the video. I’ve gotten so many compliments and am definitely continuing with them. I’m on day 10 right now, and they are starting to be ready to come off. I think I’m waiting until Wednesday or Thursday though.

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