I Like to Move It, Move It… Except CrossFit

Happy Hump Day! I’m coming to you from my new tablet keyboard. I’m a nerd, but I was super excited to buy this thing. It’s going to take me a bit to get used to it since it’s smaller than a regular keyboard, but it will make blogging from my tablet a lot easier. Hooray for that!

I have so many things to talk about! Where do I start? How about workouts and how I’ve been rocking them lately. Here’s a summary of last week’s workouts (you’ve seen some of these):

Sunday, 3/30 – 3.06 mile run/walk (13:42 pace)
Monday, 3/31 – 45 min walk (ave 3.5 mph)
Tuesday, 4/1 – 25 min treadmill run/walk (ave 3.9 mph) + arm strength training
Thursday, 4/3 – 40 min full body strength training
Saturday, 4/4 – 80 min walk (ave 2.9 mph)

Nice, huh? Here’s a hint into this week – it’s gotten even better and more intense. I’m beaming with pride for myself!

Speaking of workouts, guess where I was yesterday? If you guessed CrossFit from the title of this post, then you were right! Here is the backstory of how I ended up at a CrossFit class if you can’t remember. The weekend before last I went to a garage party at my friend Kim’s house. A friend of hers was there with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend happens to own a CrossFit box and game me his card. I used what female balls I possess and sucked up the courage to call the guy and make an appointment for a CrossFit intro class. So that’s where I was last night.

I was so nervous going in yesterday. I know I’m in horrible shape right now, so I was really worried about how the workout would go. It didn’t go that bad, but it was still tough. My intro class was just me and one other girl, Katherine. She was pretty skeptical about CrossFit, thinking it couldn’t be as awesome as everyone says it is. I kind of felt the same way. She was also in awesome shape, having just finished 6 weeks of Insanity. I told her she was insane. :)

So that sets the picture for you. Two of us in the class – one in really good shape, and one in awful shape. Oh boy.

We started the workout with a 200M jog around the gym, some dynamic stretching, and then rounds of high knees, butt kickers, skips, and bear crawls back and forth from one end of the gym to the other. I was just fine on everything except the bear crawls. Apparently my hands and feet don’t work together, and I get really winded in that position. I made it down to the end and that was it. Oh well. I felt embarrassed, but I moved on.

After warming up, we went over how to squat, do burpees, do wall-balls, and do kettlebell swings. I was okay on learning everything, although I’m not so good at wall-balls. I can’t get the squat and throw the ball all in one motion. First timers, man.

Finally, we did our little workout. It was 5 wall-balls, 5 burpees, and 5 kettlebell swings, three times through for time. I just about died. I should add at this point my blood sugar and majorly dropped, and I was going through a caffeine crash. I was physically shaking. Great point to start a workout! I got through it, although I felt so winded, in less than 5 minutes. That was the worst 4 minutes and 20 seconds of my life! I just felt fat, old, and slow. *sigh*

The rest of the evening I really debated what I was going to do next. Should I sign up for CrossFit? Obviously it would be stretching my comfort zone and could potentially get me into really good shape. In the end, I decided not to. Here are my three reasons why I’m not going to sign up for CrossFit:

  1. I don’t want to feel embarrassed with myself again. This may sound like a silly reason, but I really contemplated crying in those 4 minutes and 20 seconds because of my own frustration with where I have ended up in my fitness.
  2. The price tag is hefty for someone who can’t always attend workouts. The lowest price for a 4 month commitment is $100 per month for 2 sessions a week. For someone who is out of town a lot, that ends up to me an expensive cost per each visit. Trust me, I made a spreadsheet. Smile
  3. My husband is hoping to be a local truck driver soon, and he wants to be my workout buddy. How would that work if I’m doing CrossFit? It wouldn’t.

So that’s my reasoning. I was really iffy about it. I always worry about hurting someone’s feelings or disappointing them – which is how I felt with the owner. I need to do what’s right for me, and that’s it. I did learn that I like kettlebell swings though!

This is getting long with no pictures. I suppose I could add some, but meh. I’m lazy. You can deal with all words, right? Winking smile

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6 thoughts on “I Like to Move It, Move It… Except CrossFit

  1. says:

    I love words! I haven’t gone to a crossfit class yet. The closest one is about 45 minutes from me, and they don’t have classes on saturdays. (which is a deal breaker for me). I don’t like group interaction when I’m working out, so I’m pretty sure crossfit won’t be my thing. But have you checked out orange theory? Its heart rate based, so it might be a better fit for you.
    Katie recently posted..My Profile

    1. Shelly says:

      I have heard of Orange Theory, but I don’t think there is anything like that near me. I’m really content right now with running and walking. It fits into my travel schedule quite well!

  2. Katie M says:

    I’m super impressed with your Crossfitting! I’m a little too intimidated to check it out…but I loved reading your recap about your experience :)

    And great job doing what’s best for you – I know what you mean about the spreadsheet. Financial spreadsheets and pros/cons lists are how I make all “big” decisions.

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