Small Successes & Spring Cleaning

Almost Friday! I actually was thinking today was Friday on my drive to my client this morning since I won’t be there tomorrow. We are getting yet another snowstorm, so I am saving myself the 2 hour drive down to the client in snow. Yay! I needed a break from that drive. It is so exhausting! In fact, yesterday I was pretty much an exhausted puddle when I got home. I ate dinner, snacked way too much because I was tired, and finally crawled into bed at around 8:45. I was ready! I also took a rest day from exercise since I needed the rest. Today I’m feeling a little refreshed, but still pretty tired.

Celebrating Small Successes

This morning I read this post by Monica at RunEatRepeat, and it really made me think about how many negatives I focus on. If you don’t want to click over to the post, basically Monica talks about an article she read regarding weight loss and how we are always punishing ourselves for the bad things we did on our diet, but we aren’t celebrating the successes. Totally summarizing here based on what I got out of the post.

Anyway, it made me think about my small successes and how I should celebrate and be thankful for them. I even went back to that little food and exercise journal I’ve been keeping on my phone and added successes for each day. Let’s celebrate them together! Here are my successes from the past week:

  • I exercised for 5 days in a row! Some of those were outside when we had beautiful weather!
  • I went to a party on Saturday and drank without worrying about calories, diet, etc. and had an absolute blast! (without a hangover the next day too!)
  • I took care of myself on Sunday by getting a 1.5 hour massage. So needed!
  • Since Monday I’ve had a clean meal every single day!
  • Besides my clean meals, my other meals have been pretty darn healthy as well!
  • I’ve also slipped in some treats – no room for treats = not a way I want to live my life.

  • I’ve listened to my body and its hunger signals during most eating adventures this week!
  • Yesterday I listened to my body’s call for sleep and went to bed early!
  • This morning I ordered my Caribou breakfast I had on Monday and Tuesday without worrying about the calories or healthiness of it! (Yesterday I made my own at home, thinking I could cut some calories there. It ended disastrously by not filling me up and sent me into a downward spiral of being hungry

  • This evening I pushed myself to exercise when all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch, but I knew my body had the energy for a workout.

Now I’m feeling really awesome about the progress I’ve made! I’m going to keep putting my small successes into my journal so I can go back and see the little things before I think about how “bad” I’ve been doing.

Spring Cleaning

Do you guys do spring cleaning at your house? It seems like I only do 2 big/deep cleans to our house a year – once in the spring/summer and once in the fall/winter. I’ve been noticing so many things that need to be done around our house lately. I’ve even looked at my calendar and thought about taking some time off work to do a spring clean. That might still happen. When I do get the time, I’m looking to do so much! Specifically, I want to get the following done:

  • Clean baseboards and vacuum edges of carpet
  • Clean vents and light fixtures
  • Vacuum up all cobwebs (so many!)
  • Clean door hinges
  • Deep clean kitchen (ugh)
  • De-clutter & take stuff to Goodwill
  • Clean windows, tracks, and shades
  • Clean ceiling (I’m not even sure how to do this, but it’s needed) and paint touch-up
  • Clean and organize garage

It looks like a little list, but that’s actually a lot to do. Now that I’m looking at it though, I’m thinking of manageable ways to get it all done. I could totally just start cleaning vent and light fixtures on any old day. Nobody said I have to do them all at once. I could start de-cluttering little by little. I really want to tackle our kitchen and extra bedroom upstairs first. Those, plus our basement storage, are the worst!

*pause as I spent a little time on Pinterest looking at organization ideas*

Okay, I’m back. I found some good organization ideas that I want to do! I’ll share next week. I’m home, so I’m going to get some of my spring cleaning projects started.

Most of this post was written in the morning. Now I’m back in the evening to finish it off. The snow storm started. Here is my drive home:

Ugh! The 2 hour drive took almost 3 hours. It was quite nasty. I’m glad to stay inside tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!

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2 thoughts on “Small Successes & Spring Cleaning

    1. Shelly says:

      Yeah, I hear ya. I never really put those things away since I don’t have somewhere to put them. I just really have the itch to de-clutter, dust, and knock down spider webs that have built up over the winter. Clean it all out!

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