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Happy Tuesday y’all! I just posted to Twitter last night that it would be a miracle if I blogged this week due to my busy work schedule (lots of driving), so I guess it must be because here I am! I thought I would be absolutely exhausted, but I’m actually fairing very well. It must be my Vitamin D supplements I’ve been taking. I think they are really starting to help with my energy levels. Seriously, I’ve gotten some awesome workouts in the last few days. I’m actually going to start updating my exercise log (it’s still October right now!) because I’m proud of the exercise I’ve been getting. Look at this from last week through today:

  • Monday – 35 min treadmill walk @ 3mph
  • Wednesday – 3.12 mile run/walk @ 14:05 ave pace
  • Friday – 30 min treadmill walk @ 3.33mph
  • Saturday – 30 min treadmill run/walk @ 4mph ave
  • Sunday – 3.06 mile run/walk @ 13:42 ave pace
  • Monday – 45 min walk around the gym track with Julie @ 3.5mph
  • Tuesday – 25 min treadmill run/walk @ 3.9mph ave + arm strength training

A lot of walking and some running. I’ll take it! I’m hoping to increase the running this week, and I guess I’m off to a good start. I did realize after my workout today that I need to just cover up the time and pace on the treadmill and just run/walk to what feels good like I do outside. I’m so much slower on the treadmill otherwise.

Clean Eating

This week I’m trying to make at least one meal per day a “clean” meal. That just means no processed foods for one meal per day. I totally failed on Sunday, unless you call my juice I had in between meals as a meal. I don’t, but that’s okay. Anyway, I took pictures of my food today to help me out with that goal. Plus, I’ve been keeping a food and exercise journal the last few   days and have found it very helpful to see where I could clean and tighten things up a bit. See if you can guess which was my clean meal today!

For breakfast I stopped through the Caribou Coffee drivethru. I did this yesterday and enjoyed it so much that I decided to do it again today. Today I had an egg white and turkey bacon sandwich along with a decaf coffee with soy milk and one shot of white chocolate syrup.


Seriously, I haven’t ever just gotten a coffee with a flavor shot before. I loved it! Sure, I added a few extra calories, but I sipped on that thing all morning and into the afternoon. I’m weird and am okay with cold coffee, so I didn’t finish this until about 2pm. Then it was finally lunch time.

Today’s lunch was some leftovers from last night. This is also last night’s picture since it’s much prettier than the leftovers. I tried out a new recipe I had pinned – Honey Mustard Crunchy Chicken and Plantain Salad from PaleOMG.


I modified the original recipe in the following ways:

  • I used a rotisserie chicken since it was already 8pm, and I didn’t want to have to wait for some chicken to thaw and be baked.
  • I cooked the onion since I used a frozen chopped red onion I had in my freezer.
  • Since my chicken was already hot, I didn’t heat it up in the pan or make it crunchy.
  • I had to use a mix of honey and agave syrup since my honey didn’t want to come out of the bottle.

I liked it, but it was a bit too heavy on the mustard for me. Next time I’ll use less. I did find out that I like to cook with plantains though. I must find more plantain recipes!

Around mid-afternoon I decided I needed a little chocolate pick-me-up. I had 3 squares of coffee flavored chocolate.


That was just the ticket to wrap up my work day.

On my long drive home (2 hours), I had a KIND bar to fuel my workout that was coming up as soon as I got back to town.


Yes I took this picture while driving 75 mph. I am naughty. Winking smile

Finally, after my workout tonight I had some BBQ chicken pizza that was inspired by Becky at Olives ‘n Wine.


I made it my own way by using a low carb tortilla, barbeque sauce, rotisserie chicken, and Mexican blend cheese. I ended up using too much barbeque sauce, so I also ended up topping it with Greek yogurt to take the bite out.


On Saturday I met a CrossFit gym owner at a friend’s party. He gave me his card and invited me to try it out. Can you believe I am actually doing it? I scheduled my intro appointment today for next Tuesday at 7pm. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time! The only issue I’m having is what if I like it? It’s so expensive! The lowest price is $85 per month. Plus I travel a lot, so it’s not like I would be able to go every week. For now, I’m just telling myself I’m going to try it out. If I like it, then I will figure out my next steps.

Well, I need to get my kitchen picked up and head to bed. Nighty night!

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3 thoughts on “Moving & Eating

  1. says:

    That chocolate looks amazing!!! Where did you buy it? (and please don’t say a foreign country!) Also, I also will drink cold coffee from time to time, or if its an in between temp, I’ll just add ice! Also, don’t forget to stretch! All that running and walking is awesome!
    Katie recently posted..My Profile

    1. Shelly says:

      It’s from Aldi. I go a little nuts when I go there because I always think everything is so cheap.
      I’m stretching, but I need to stretch more! My calves are so freaking tight lately. I need knew running shoes as well, which I think is half the problem. I’m going on Sunday!

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