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What-up! When’s the last time you heard someone say that?! Winking smile I hope you are all having a fabulous week. I’ve actually been home this week! Well, I’m working at a client in town, but I’ve been home in the mornings and evenings. It’s been so nice! Alas, I’m leaving tomorrow evening for Duluth, but it should be a fun trip. I’ll actually get to be working with other people! Socializing during the work day (or just during the week!), here I come!

Taking Pictures of Food

So I used to want to be like all of those other bloggers out there who take daily pictures of what they eat. It didn’t work out for me, so I moved on to whatever style I have now (none?). However, yesterday evening I was thinking about how I’m trying to eat healthier, and I thought that maybe taking pictures of my food would encourage me to eat foods that are healthy but fun as well. So I gave it a shot (and also experimented with bolding and font colors). Here is what I ate today:

For breakfast I made an egg white and Brussels sprout omelet. Does that sound weird? It’s just some sautéed onions, liquid egg whites, chopped up Brussels sprouts, Colby-jack cheese, and avocado. Quirky and not very photogenic, but delicious.


I brought this pear with me to work, but I didn’t think I’d actually eat it. The joke was on me! I ended up getting hungry before my 11am call with Jamie, so I ate my pear (and wiped the juice off my shirt… sucker was juicy!).


Since I had the pear in the morning, I didn’t think I’d be hungry again until at least 1pm. The joke was on me again! 12 hit, and my stomach was making hungry feelings. I thought I’d let it do that for a while, but it was so distracting that I gave in. I had some leftovers from our hibachi visit on Sunday to enjoy. I’m sort of sad those are gone. I freaking love hibachi!


Since the weather was absolutely gorgeous today for once, I went for a walk when I got home (early!!). It was 45*!! My walk was kind of an adventure since I had to dodge a lot of snow and puddles. It was also emotional as I thought about some personal issues that came up during my call with Jamie. I tell you, walks are just as good as therapy!

I was actually hungry again when I got back from my walk. My appetite has really been surprising me today! I didn’t expect to be hungry again until dinner time since my hibachi leftovers were quite big. Whatevs.

I came up with this snack idea. It’s two graham crackers with peanut butter on top. I can’t believe I’ve never done this before! It’s really good!


Finally, I made a strange meal for dinner. I guess I’m in a strange meal mood? Dinner was roasted kabocha squash and garlic cauliflower rice with chicken and feta.


I told you it was strange! I needed to use some of the food that is about to go bad in my fridge. Actually there was a ton that went bad before I had a chance to use it. Fail. This kabocha I had already eaten half of, so I had half of a raw kabocha squash sitting in my fridge for the last 3ish weeks. If I am sick tomorrow, you know why!

Other Mini Goals

Remember the mini goals I set last week? Eating more vegetables was one of them. I think I did that wonderfully today!

Anyway, the other goals were to move more and drink more water. I’ve done okay on the moving more thing, thanks to my Chimes app. I haven’t always done a 5 minute workout when it went off, but I have been at least getting up and going to the bathroom or getting more water. Still some good movement!

Besides moving during the work day, I also worked out two times last week. Both involved doing Jessica Smith TV workouts off of You Tube. I haven’t done any of her workouts in a while, and I forgot just how much I like them! In fact, I like them so much, that I decided to do her weekly schedule this week. I’m not going to say I’m going to do it ever week, since I am really bad at following plans, but I’m trying for this week at least.

To follow Jessica’s plan, yesterday should have been a 30 minute walk and today a strength session. Yep, I didn’t go for a walk yesterday since I was so tired from a Sunday Funday I partook in the day before. Instead, I slipped the walk in today along with the strength session. That works.

So that was the exercise part of my mini goals. Now what about the water? I did okay on that front until Friday. I didn’t track my water intake on Friday or over the weekend, but I know I didn’t drink enough. I was so darn dehydrated yesterday! I got right back to tracking and drank 50 ounces yesterday. Hopefully I drink even more the rest of the week!

This is long, so I’m out of here to clean a little and relax for the rest of the evening. Later gators!

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