Broken Promises

You are not going to be happy with me since I promised you a Maui post, and here I am telling you I’m not delivering. I’m so sorry! I forgot my camera and cell phone cords at home, and I’m currently in WI for work. Yeah, that’s not going to work so well at getting my pictures onto my computer. Dumb me! I had planned to work on my posts over the weekend, but Saturday was spent trying to fix my dead pre-lit Christmas tree (done… in 7 hours) and Sunday was spent shopping before attending my nephew’s birthday party. It was a busy weekend! I know… excuses, excuses. I’ll be back home tomorrow night, so you shall finally get the Maui post on Wednesday (promises, promises).

Please keep my husband’s cousin Caroline in your thoughts and prayers. She is currently in the hospital after a crazy medical emergency, and we are not fully sure if she will recover. We have been praying fervently all weekend and constantly checking her Caring Bridge page. Please, Lord, heal her body and mind!


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2 Responses to Broken Promises

  1. Katie says:

    Thinking of you and your family! Don’t even worry about vacation photos, we’ll be jealous no matter when we see them!
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    • Shelly says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately the situation got worse after I posted. Good thing I have vacation pics to cheer me up! That sounds dumb, but meh.