I Rocked This Week

Happy Friday! I bet you were hoping I’d be posting about Maui today. Nope. I’ll admit that I haven’t even dug my camera out of my purse, where it is still residing, to upload my pictures. It’s been a hectic week, and I was just so pooped every evening this week. I have been working at a client that is, without traffic, an hour and fifteen minutes from my house. On Monday and Tuesday it took me over 2.5 hours to get there in the morning due to the icy conditions. That is so frustrating! In the evenings it has taken me at least an hour and 45 minutes to get home. I’ve been completely zonked by the time I actually made it home. Hence no vacation updated yet. Sorry! I promise, promise that I will go through my pictures this weekend and be back Monday evening with my post. It’s actually all written, just waiting for those pictures!

Ways I Rocked This Week

In an effort to raise my self esteem and focus more on the positive, I’m going to tell you things I rocked at this week. This might become a weekly feature, but I’m finally learning to stop making promises that I don’t deliver on.

  1. This has got to be the biggest one – I went to the gym directly after work on all 3 of the evenings I had available! I packed a gym bag and drove straight there. Normally on days where I have to drive home for so long in the dark I would skip working out all together. Not this week!
  2. While at the gym on those 3 days, I lifted weights! I almost typed “strength trained” there, but I feel that term doesn’t show the amount of effort that was made. I normally skip out on lifting weights or doing other strength exercises because they can be boring, but I made a huge effort this week. And I actually enjoyed it!
  3. I went out to dinner with a friend! I normally don’t socialize on weeknights because I like the evenings free for “me time”, but I had been trying to get together with this friend for a while. We finally made it work, and I really enjoyed the time together, the hibachi, and the wine!
  4. I finally put up my Christmas tree! I originally planned to put it up on Monday, then Tuesday, but it finally happened on Wednesday… only to find out there are some dead bulbs on my pre-lit tree. I searched for a while to try to find the bulb with the issue, but if you have a pre-lit tree you know that’s darn near impossible. I searched some discussion boards online and found there is a gizmo called Light Keeper PRO which is supposed to help you find the dead bulb. I immediately ordered it off of Amazon, and it will be delivered tomorrow. It looks like I will have my tree completed tomorrow… 8 days before Christmas. I told the hubs our tree is staying up until February so I have time to enjoy it!
  5. Since I blogged about it earlier this week, I haven’t eaten out of boredom and have successfully stopped eating each time I’ve been satisfied! I’ve also journaled each night about my successes for the day! That is HUGE for me! Today was a little nuts around lunchtime in that I wanted to eat more even though I was no longer hungry, but I didn’t have any food left. Thank goodness! I think the reason I wanted to keep eating was (1) boredom from work and (2) excitement that it is Friday. I also think that part of this success is from going to the gym right after work so I ate so late in the evenings. There is no time for the evening munchies when I’m eating dinner at 8pm.
  6. I cooked dinner each night this week (except Tuesday when I went out with a friend) and brought leftovers for lunch (except Monday)! Since we spent a million dollars in Maui (only a slight overestimate…), I have been really conscious of saving some money this week. I went to the grocery store once on Monday evening, spent about $20, and have been cooking meals with stuff on hand since then. Look at me saving money! (Check out my Pinterest board, This Week’s Meal Plan, for what I made/am planning to make.)

I think that’s it. And, yes, the exclamation points after each one are necessary. They get across the “I rock!” feeling.

I’m thinking about ways I’m going to rock the weekend now. I’m definitely going to the gym and lifting weights again tomorrow morning. Plus finishing my tree after the gizmo comes. I should also start my Christmas shopping and get a gift for my nephew before his birthday party on Sunday. I also need to clean my house – there are a lot of dirty dishes and my spice cupboard sort of threw up onto the counter from my cooking endeavors this week. Oops.

Have a lovely weekend! I hope you rock it!

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  1. Katie says:

    Atta girl!!! Way to go!!
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