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Hello friends! Happy Friday! I’m still over here just working on making peace with food and quieting the negative voices in my head. It has been an interesting week as I have struggled with worked on these things. I’m definitely making progress, but it’s really hard to change the way I have been feeling and thinking for 15+ years. Yowza! So instead of lamenting about my difficulties, I thought I would play along with the currently survey that seems to fly around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

I’m following the format Hyedi used in her recent post.

Current Book

I’m working on a couple right now. Since I’ve discovered that I can read Nook books while I work (during breaks, obviously), I wrapped up Intuitive Eating and started Women, Food, and God. (Since they are Nook books, I’ve linked them to Barnes and Noble’s site.) In my free time I’m working on a Tess Gerritsen Rizzoli and Isles book, The Keepsake. <– That’s an Amazon link since that’s where I downloaded this book from.

Current Music

The only music I really listen to is in my car. I have definitely been singing along to Miley and Katy Perry quite a bit lately. :)

Current Guilty Pleasure

Hmm… I am going to have to go with reading Nook books while at work. Sure, it’s when I’m taking a break, but it feels like a guilty pleasure.

Current Nail Color

I usually don’t wear any nail polish, but I’ve been into it lately. I had a bright purple polish when I got my nails done 2 weeks ago, but now I’ve switched to a good fall burgandy.

Current Drink

Beer? Ha! I had a few too many of those last night. ;) I am seriously loving Starbucks’ Caramel Brulee Latte. I had my first one last Saturday, I got one this morning, and I will likely get one tomorrow.

Current Food

Fast food is taking the cake for me right now. In my efforts to make peace with food and eat what I really want, I have been eating a lot of fast food. French fries call me!

Current Favorite Show

I am liking so many new fall shows this year! I think my current favorite will have to be The Blacklist. There is definitely an underlying story line that I just can’t wait to come out!

Current Wish List

Seriously, I have done so much shopping recently (I still am going to tell you about everything I bought, I promise!) that I’m surprised there is anything left on my wish list! I have really really really been wanting a tablet though. I even looked to see how many points I am away from getting one through my credit card. I’m close!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 — I so want.

Current Needs

A nap. I am so darn tired from staying up WAY too late last night!

Current Indulgence

Every day has felt like an indulgence for me since I have started getting real about my intuitive eating journey. I think the best so far has been the cheesecake. Oh the cheesecake…

Current Blessing

This week I was blessed with my husband being home two evenings and during one day. It’s fun having him around! I was also blessed to meet up with some of my Ragnar team last night.

Current Outfit

I was really dragging this morning from lack of sleep. I am also working in a very hot room today. I’m wearing an off-white sparkly top with an off-white and beige sweater over the top with black pants and brown loafers. It’s a comfy day for sure.

Current Excitement

I got a raise! It went into effect on the 1st, but I just figured out what it was this week. I love getting paid more! The hubs and I are going to go celebrate my raise this evening – a little hibachi and movie action. Seriously, with all of the shopping that I have been doing, I’m not sure if I even needed to celebrate more!

My other excitement is that we will be in Hawaii in 2 weeks from today. Hoo-fricking-ray!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Hyedi says:

    Congrats on the raise! And I’m so jealous that you’re going to Hawaii :) Sounds really nice right about now.
    Hyedi recently posted..[New Post] I ran two days in a row!!!!!!!My Profile