Busy Week Problems

Welcome to my busy week!  I survived my busiest day, which was yesterday, so I think I can survive the rest?  Yes, that’s a question.  It’s a little crazy around here, and my emotions are going crazy as well.  Let’s talk about it.


Yesterday I was planning to get up at 5am and leave my house at 6am.  That totally didn’t happen.  I moved everything back an hour in favor of some more sleep.  After getting ready, I hit the road for a 3.5 hour drive down to Mason City, IA.  I had actually thought it would take 4 hours, so I was pleasantly surprised that I reached my destination in 3.5.  Once I got out of range of my favorite station, I listened to the Half Size Me podcast to beat boredom.  I swear listening to podcasts in the car makes any drive bearable!  I worked until 5pm in Mason City [with actual co-workers!], and then hit the road to drive back home.  More Half Size Me podcasts were enjoyed all the way home.

Also enjoyed on the way home – Pretzel dips. A whole bag of them to be exact.  Oops!  My calories were in the much too high range again yesterday.  Sigh.

Once home, I said hi to my husband who was home for the evening, then got to work on exercising.  I am going strong on my 30 day challenge, although I have made some adjustments to the original plan [I’ll go over that later].  The exercise of choice last night was some upper body weight lifting inspired by Body for Life for Women.  I can honestly say today that my biceps and triceps are feeling it.  With my exercise done, I went to bed at 9:30pm!  I was pooped.


I planned to start my day similar to yesterday by getting up at 6am and leaving at 7am.  Again, that didn’t happen.  Maybe I shouldn’t plan?  I got up at 7am and left at 8am.  Today’s destination – Menahga, MN, or northern MN.  Menahga is only 2 hours from my house, so I listened to my favorite radio station until it was out of range and then enjoyed the SparkRadio podcast.  This one is new to me, but I already like it!  After publishing this post I am going to put up a podcast link widget on the side of my blog page, so look for that.

I’m spending the night in Park Rapids, MN tonight.  Usually I use the hotel’s pass to the local gym while I’m here, but it’s so cold today that I decided ahead of time to just exercise in my room.  I brought a Turbo Fire DVD along [it always rides around in my computer bag], but I just wasn’t feeling it.  Instead, I did 4 SparkPeople cardio videos off of You Tube.  Each video was a little over 10 minutes long, so they totaled 44 minutes.  Whenever they got to the cool down portion of the video, I would just stay marching in place since I didn’t want to stretch every single time.  It totally worked!

I have to confess that I had another little slip-up tonight.  I should have seen this one coming really.  I ordered in a small thin crust veggie pizza from the local pizza place.  My plan was to eat half and save the other half for tomorrow.  I should have known I wouldn’t be able to stop.  I ate the whole thing!  My calories are on the high side yet again.  I’m feeling a bit frustrated with myself, but something I heard on the Half Size Me podcast has helped me to not feel so bad.  The host, Heather, talked about getting rid of the thought of perfection.  You are going to run into times where you eat a little too much or don’t exercise enough.  Quit thinking about those times as failures, and instead think of them as times you needed to treat yourself a little.  Use them to learn from as well.  Trust me, I am now doing all of those!  I am also feeling cruddy from all of the sodium I’ve had in the last few days.  I’m so ready to get back on track for real!


I’m really bouncing around with the idea of doing a detox or cleanse.  I’m really interesting in some of those 3 day ones that I’ve seen on the internet.  Basically you drink all of these really healthy juices for 3 days to rid your body of chemicals and grossness.  Since I am feeling super full of chemicals and said grossness, the thought is very appealing.  I wish I could order one today and start tomorrow!  Don’t mind me as I search Amazon for just that. :)

30 Day Challenge Update

As I said somewhere up above, I am doing great on the 30 day challenge to exercise!  You can check out my exercise log page for details.  I made a couple of rules for myself to make life a bit easier.  The first one I made right away in saying that 30 minutes of just walking totally counts.  Then I made one where walking around while shopping counts – as long as it registers as over an hour of moderate activity on my BodyMedia armband.  I have used that rule twice [most recently on Black Friday].  The final rule is just like the last one in that I can skip out on the workout if I have already registered at least an hour of moderate activity on my armband.  I used this one on Sunday after I had danced the wee hours of the morning away.  Although I probably should have gotten an additional 30 minutes of exercise on Sunday, I was definitely not feeling it.  The rule worked out for me.

That’s all folks.  I’m just trying to do better and be healthier.

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