Exploring My Thoughts & Beliefs

Hello hello! Notice anything different around here? I redesigned my blog! I was starting to really like the look of lighter colored blogs, so I decided to switch things up. I’m really liking it!

Tomorrow I’m going to come at you with a recipe. Crazy, I know. But today I’m going to get really serious with you. Just some things that have been on my mind lately.

I’ve been really down in the dumps lately. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks feeling sorry for myself. Life gave me lemons, and I decided to suck on them and make a sour face. I’m not saying that’s a super bad thing. Sometimes you just have to feel the bad in the sucky times and let yourself have a good cry. I just don’t think you should let negative thoughts and feelings rule your life. I’ve started to kick those “oh woe is me” thoughts and feelings to the curb. And it feels good.


Part of what got me here was Ragnar. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you’re too busy running, cheering, and trying to get some sleep. I did have a few crappy moments when I was running my last leg, but that was pretty much it.

Upon coming home from Ragnar, I just didn’t want to go back into the despair I’d felt for the last week. I wanted to move toward a more positive outlook. I’m really trying to use this tough time in my life to mold and grow myself into a better person. Into the person I’ve really wanted to be, but wasn’t sure how to go about being. I’m really trying to make lemonade here! :)

You might be confused by what I mean by all of that. I mean that I want to explore myself. Explore my hobbies, explore how I spend my free time, explore my beliefs, explore my relationships… just explore every factor of my life. Once I’m done exploring, I want to truly live the life that is best for me. I really don’t think I’ve been doing that for a while now. Instead, I’ve gone through the motions, made plans, broke plans, and just sort of gave up and told myself I’m happy the way things are. News flash: I’m not. I want so much more!


For my first exploration, I’m going to explore my thoughts and beliefs about myself. I found this blog by Heather K. Jones yesterday. I’m not even going to embarrass myself by telling you how much blog stalking I’ve been doing since I discovered it. It’s been a lot. :) I am just so much in love with the messages coming from Heather. You should check her out!

Okay, so I’ve decided to explore my thoughts and beliefs about myself. What the heck does that mean?! It means those subconscious thoughts that pop into my consciousness throughout the day regarding myself. For instance, I was in the bathroom a little bit ago and looked at myself in the mirror while washing my hands. Immediately my attention was drawn to my stomach area, and I thought, “Ugh, I look so big. Can you see a roll through my shirt?”. I have so many more of those thoughts that pop in throughout the day. According to my thoughts, here is what I think and believe about myself:

  • I’m fat and don’t deserve to be appreciated or loved because of it.
  • None of my other accomplishments matter. The only thing that matters is that I’m fat.
  • I am not as smart as my coworkers.
  • I don’t work hard enough.
  • I’m lazy.
  • Because I can’t seem to care enough or work hard enough, I’ll never get what I want in life.
  • I’m not normal. I’m so weird.
  • I deserve to be miserable.

Crappy, right? I want to change these thoughts and beliefs!

Okay, so I have these beliefs, and I know I want to change them… now what? How the heck can I change a belief? I can’t just say, “I don’t believe that” and it will be true. So what do I do?

With thoughts and beliefs like these, there are only a few options to work on changing them.

1. Affirmations – find affirmations that affirm what I really want to believe. When, or even before, a negative thought or belief comes up, I can repeat one of these in my head. Here are some:

  • I’m beautiful
  • I deserve to love myself and be loved by others
  • I am an intelligent person
  • I work at my own pace
  • I care about my life
  • I am unique
  • I choose to feel differently
  • I choose to find happiness
  • I deserve to be happy

2. Meditation – this is something that has been hard for me in the past. I find some meditation just a little woo-woo. On the other hand, I love the quiet and calm meditation can bring in the middle of a chaotic day. When I’m feeling like my thoughts are especially loud, I want to reach towards meditation.

3. Practicing gratitude and thankfulness – seeing all that you have just opens your heart for more. I used to list 5 things I was thankful for before I went to bed. I want to start that practice again! Instead of stressing or being mindless in the shower, I think I can add a little time to practice gratitude and thankfulness. That’d be a great way to start the day as well!


This was such a good practice for me. I honestly didn’t think about this post ahead of time and just wrote what came to mind. I didn’t even realize I had some of those thoughts and beliefs! You should try it as well. You might also be surprised about what you think and believe about yourself.

Yep, definitely ready for a more light-hearted recipe post! :)


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Ragnar & I’m Now Old

Hello again friends! I took a little time off from blogging to work on some life issues. Sometimes that’s needed. For me, it was very much needed last week. Without going into much detail at all, I hit a turning point in my life. I’ve had a life lesson that I plan to learn from and take advantage of to grow. Expect to see some changes! Not all right away of course, but I’m slowly making some. More on all of this will come in the future. For now, let’s talk about Ragnar and that time I turned 30.

I ran the Great River Ragnar Relay over the weekend! This was my 5th time running Ragnar GR.

I fricking love it. This Ragnar was also full of firsts for me:

  • 1st time I’ve been so out of shape and hardly trained (thanks foot)
  • 1st time it’s ever been so fricking humid… I thought I would die (okay, not really)
  • 1st time I’ve ever run leg 3
  • 1st time running with a new team
  • 1st time not showering until the very end

So many firsts. So much fun. So much sweat! As the 3rd runner, I had the least amount of mileage in my van. That was much needed because of bullet point #1 up there. I am so out of shape! It took me a long time to get back to running this spring because of inclement weather. I don’t run outside much when it’s snowy and cold, so spring is always time for me to get back into running shape. That didn’t happen much. I ran/walked a lot more than I ran. Okay, I exclusively ran/walked. I also didn’t do much treadmill running this winter and gained 30 pounds since my last Ragnar. These are all important factors in my training. Then I hurt my foot. All running and walking stopped until just a couple of weeks ago. So, yeah, I did not have adequate training for Ragnar. Oh well. It just meant that I was very slow and had to walk a lot more than I wanted to. The only person who really cared about that was me. Truth.

Anyway, Ragnar was a blast. My favorite run was the overnight one. I mean look at this fun:

Leg 15

That’s a lot of downhill fun! There’s nothing like cruising downhill at night.

If you aren’t familiar with Ragnar, which always surprises me, it’s a 12 person, 2 day, overnight relay. You cover 200 miles. In Ragnar GR, you follow the Mississippi River, so you essentially live in a van down by the river. Good stuff.

Guess what else happened this weekend? I turned 30! My birthday was on Friday, or Ragnar Day 1. I sort of forgot about it throughout the day. I was going to bring cupcakes for my van and decorate a shirt to wear, but I never got around to it in all of the life sh*tstorm of last week. That’s fine. Sometimes it’s nice to casually celebrate things. After all, so much of my life has been a party.

I had planned a party when I got back on Saturday, but I cancelled it last week. Thanks life. Instead, once I got back from Ragnar, we ordered food in and watched a movie. Well, my husband watched a movie. I made it maybe 30 minutes after I finished eating before I passed out. 3 hours of sleep and a crap ton of running will do that to you.

Since I didn’t do much celebrating, I don’t really feel like I had a birthday. That’s okay. This way I can pretend that I didn’t even turn 30 yet. :) Maybe I should buy a cake this week though. I’m kind of sad about missing out on cake. I had cheesecake last night that I didn’t eat on Saturday, but it’s still not the same as birthday cake. Perhaps a little birthday cake is needed.

Well, that’s it for today friends. I thought I would go into such great detail about Ragnar, but I like that I didn’t. This could have been a very tedious post. I’m glad it’s not. Peace.


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Thinking Out Loud

Are you fully prepared for a wonderfully random post? I hope you are, otherwise you better quit reading. :) I just have random things I want to tell you about today. Since of course there is a blogger link-up for this random fun, I’m linking up to Running with Spoons for her Thinking Out Loud series.



  • Did you see my Instagram pics from Tuesday?! I ran again!!! It was mega-hard thanks to the hills in Rochester, but it was oh so sweet. I’m running again this evening after I post this. I’m taking a different route with (hopefully) less hills this evening to fit in 4 miles.

  • I have been on a massive pizza kick over the last week that I can’t seem to well… kick. We had pizza on Friday and Saturday, then I had it again on Monday, then flatbread for lunch yesterday, and then another pizza for dinner last night. You’d think I’d be pizza’d out by now right? Nope. I’m already planning on having my leftover flatbread tomorow for lunch. :)
  • All of that pizza eating isn’t good for me. Yikes. I may have signed up for Weight Watchers again today. I know, I know, I’m a freaking mess. My friend, Ashley, and I are going to support each other. I just need something to help rein me in! I’ve tracked the points plus of everything I’ve eaten and my exercise since Monday (was doing it on a free app until today), and I have used many, many points. It’s all of that pizza! Plus eating out since I’m in Rochester.
  • It stresses me out that my birthday is in one week from tomorrow, and I have no idea what I want. I’m thinking I want a vacation this fall. Is that a good birthday present? We were talking about not taking one, but I think I’ll really miss the beach. I’m spoiled.


  • Is it sad that I’m throwing myself my own 30th birthday party? If it were a perfect world, somebody would be throwing me a surprise party. Guess what? Ish ain’t perfect. So I took control, made a Facebook invite, and now I’m having a party right after Ragnar. Boom.
  • I might die if we don’t find our last Ragnar runner. This should also be filed under, “never ask family members to commit to things, unless you are 100% certain they will follow through”. My cousin was supposed to run on my team, but she dropped out a few weeks ago. We are having the hardest time finding someone to fill her spot. If we can’t find someone, we will have to split up those legs and run more. As the van 1 captain, I feel responsible, so I will run one of them. And die.
  • How do you do with scheduling things? I made a fun schedule for this week and haven’t done any of the things I scheduled. Schedules stress me out. They make me want to just crawl up with a book and ignore the world. Seriously.
  • I have the most random to-do list right now. It includes buying things like iron-on shirt printer paper, window markers, a blinky butt light, and suspenders. Such is getting ready for Ragnar.

That’s all of the randomness I can think of right now. I hope you are having a fabulous week! It’s almost over! Hoo-freaking-ray.


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Another Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Treat Yourself Tuesday! I noticed today I could also do a recap of July since it’s August now, but I’m just not feeling it. I’ll just skip July. Instead, I want to tell you how I’ve treated myself in the last week. Thanks to Becky for hosting the link up!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

I soaked up some sun and read a book two nights last week. Sometimes being injured and unable to do most workouts is nice.


I quit beating myself upso much by coming up with healthy habits I can celebrate each day… even on the not-so-healthy days.

I met up with a friend for some Mongolian stir fry action. We have a place in town called Mongo’s, and it’s my absolute favorite.

I attended a cocktail hour Spreecast for The Love Shack Society hosted by Jamie Mendell and Ali Leipzig. Nothing better than hanging out with some like-minded ladies while sipping a glass of wine!

I went for a walk and then a run without my boot! The run was hard and hot, but I felt awesome when I was done.


I got my hair done! Oh man, it really needed it.


I ran to Target for just a few necessities, but I also ended up buying 3 pairs of shorts. I can’t believe how much I like their Merona shorts. I have more expensive shorts, but I love these 3.5″ shorts best.

Shorts(I actually have the 5″ ones in this color, but they didn’t have the colors left online that I bought.)

The hubs and I got skin melting massages. I seriously felt like I was butter and my masseuse was a hot knife. So good.

I cheersed my counsins and other family at our family reunion. My cousin has a great picture of me chugging the remains of a pitcher of beer. Unfortunately, she can’t figure out how to send it. I’ll share it when she does.

I spent a day on the lake with my family. Our boat broke down, and even that couldn’t ruin my mood. Give me a boat, the sun, and some deep water swimming, and I’m a happy little clam.

20130811-113510.jpg(old picture)

I love doing these posts. They remind me of all the good things that happened in the last week. They aren’t really all necessarily treats to most people, but rather how I treated myself well. :)


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Applegate Fun on National Hot Dog Day

The week is almost over! Who’s excited?! I finished up at my client today, so I get to be home tomorrow. Yay! If life were perfect, I wouldn’t ever work at a client on Mondays or Fridays. :)

Today’s post is a lot more light-hearted. I need time away from all of my over-thinking. I’m sure you need a break from it too!

Did you know last Wednesday was National Hot Dog Day? I made my husband celebrate with me, even though he had corn dogs for lunch. Yes, I’m mean.

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day, I busted out my grilling kit that Applegate so nicely sent to me. A ton of great stuff for a grilling party was included in the kit. I was originally thinking about having some people over to party a bit, but those plans fell through (or I was lazy and didn’t follow up on them). Instead, we had a little party for two.


Applegate included so much in their grilling kit. I received the following:

  • Applegate Naturals Beef Hot Dogs
  • Rudi’s Hot Dog Buns (White and Gluten-Free)
  • Annie’s Organic Ketchup and Mustard
  • Rick’s Pick’s Relish
  • Applegate Apron
  • Grilling tool set
  • Frisbee
  • Mini Applegate Cooler
  • Susty paper straws and napkins

Neat, huh? You better believe I wore my apron to make the hot dogs. ;)


I think this was my first time having Applegate’s hot dogs. I know I’ve had other natural, uncured hot dogs before, but these tasted different so it must have been my first from Applegate. I honestly liked them a lot! I think they are my new favorite hot dog. The husband? Not so much. He thought they tasted weird. I think it’s their spice blend that turned him off. Applegate’s hot dogs are just made from beef, water, salt, and spices, so it must have been the spices that he didn’t like.


While I loved the hot dogs, I just couldn’t get there with the gluten free buns that were included. They’re so crumbly and dry! You better believe I’m going to keep on using them since I don’t want to waste, but I don’t think I’ll buy them again for myself.

All in all, we had a really fun National Hot Dog Day. I’m also glad I found another brand of natural hot dogs that I like. That’s important to me. I put enough chemicals in my body with other foods and drinks that I like to use all natural products when I can make the switch. My Crystal Light and Kool-Aid on the other hand? Those are not going anywhere!

Disclaimer: Applegate provided me with the above listing of products, but all opinions are my own.


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Practicing Healthy Habits

Happy hump day! So that break from alcohol… it didn’t last. I made it until Friday, but then my husband’s coworkers easily talked me into drinking. I’m so easily talked into things… when they are what I want. I wanted to drink with my husband’s coworkers, so I did. I felt guilty about it, and that’s just dumb. It’s something I wanted to do and did… end of story.

I’m just going to jump right into the serious stuff today. I have been over-planning, over-scheduling, just over-thinking everything lately when it comes to food and alcohol. I’m not even enjoying myself anymore! Jamie and I talked about this on Monday. In order to lose weight, or reach whatever goal you are trying to achieve, you need to enjoy the process. If it’s not enjoyable and something you want to do, then you won’t do it. Sure, some aspects will be hard, but you have to still enjoy the challenge. We compared this to when I ran a half marathon. In order to run that half marathon, I had to get out there and run long distances to train. I didn’t always want to run when I had to, but I knew that I needed to do it to reach my goal. Once I got out there, I actually enjoyed most of my runs, so it was just getting out that was the hard part.

Losing weight can be just like that. I can enjoy the journey, even during the challenging moments. So I called my break off, and I’ve called off all freak-out and guilty moments. That’s so easier said than done. I still want to lose weight, but I don’t want to hate life while I’m doing it. So what to do?

Last night I had the best idea! This week I started working on my clean home habits. Those non-existent habits I should say. I’m kind of lazy and slobby, so every once in a while I need a total reboot to help me keep my home clean. I just happened to be playing on my computer Monday evening and noticed I had this zenhabits blog post bookmarked. If you don’t feel like going there, basically it’s a blog post regarding habits to keep a clean home, and how you can build those habits one at a time. There are a list of habits to choose from, and you are supposed to work on those habits one at a time. I changed the rules and decided I would just make sure I am doing one of the habits each day. That makes it easier.

From zenhabits:

  • hang your clothes up or put them in hamper immediately
  • put all papers (including school papers, post-in notes, bills, etc) in one in basket, and process at the end of each day (use the steps in Clearing Your Desk)
  • keep you sink clean and shiny (wash dishes immediately, clean sink after)
  • pick up before you go to bed and before you leave the house
  • empty your trash daily
  • 15 minutes decluttering sessions each day (see How to Declutter)
  • clean your shower, toilet and bathroom sink after each use (only takes a couple minutes!)
  • have a place for everything, and put everything in its place immediately
  • make your bed each morning
  • keep flat surfaces (counters, tables, desks) clear of clutter
  • put away your stuff as soon as you get home

How does this relate to weight loss, you might be asking? Well, it hit me that I can do the same thing with healthy lifestyle habits! I can get that same I-tackled-something feeling that I get from practicing a clean home habit with healthy lifestyle habits! So I made a list of healthy lifestyle habits that are important to me and made a plan to do at least one per day:

  • eat a fruit or veggie at every meal
  • exercise
  • have an overeating or binge free day
  • drink 8 glasses of alcohol-free beverages
  • get 7-9 hours of sleep
  • eat only when I’m hungry
  • drink moderately on the weekend

So on a not-so-great day like yesterday where I felt awfully guilty for the burger and fries I had for lunch, not working out, and then having pita chips and hummus, wine, and a row of a chocolate bar for dinner, I can still feel like I accomplished something. Yesterday I drank 8 glasses of alcohol-free beverages and got 7-9 hours of sleep. Lookie there, I practiced two healthy habits! It made me feel so much better and even excited to see what I could accomplish today. Here’s a hint… I plan to tackle as many as possible today!

This gets me excited about healthy living, takes away some guilt, and also throws out rules that are anything but my own. That last part was important to me because those “rules” out there about losing weight and healthy living have been making me absolutely batty. I have too many of them in my head!

Do you have any healthy habits you try to incorporate every day?


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On a Break

Hola friends! I hope you all had a great weekend and Monday back to work. I needed a day to digest my weekend. Kind of literally too. Ugh. Now I’m back to chat with you about it. Sorry, this is going to be another sort of depressingly serious post.

Let me start by saying I’m on an alcohol break. I don’t know how long I’m on a break for, but at least until next weekend (8/2).

I got really serious with myself on Sunday night while attempting to fall asleep and decided this is what I need right now. I would like to go longer than 8/2, but I don’t think that’s really feasible for me. I do know that I am going to be very cautious with alcohol on 8/2 and beyond. I just have to be.

Okay, now let’s chat about the weekend. It was really fun, but in my usual fashion, I’m able to remember the not-so-fun moments the most.

Friday afternoon 7 of us arrived in Crosslake, MN for a weekend of fun. I arrived first, so I enjoyed a mini bottle of wine while I waited.

That wasn’t the best idea. It was about 1:30pm, and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet. I was starving. I didn’t eat until I was into the second mini bottle, which was too late. Drinking before eating never works out for me.

Needless to say, we still had fun. The guys went off golfing, so us 3 girls went exploring in the campground/park across the street from our hotel. Then we had drinks on our little hotel patio while waiting for the guys to get done golfing. After that it was dinner at Zorbas (I had PB and pepperoni pizza… holy freaking yum!) and a dance party at a club. It was very weird to us that they have a club in Crosslake. It’s a tiny lake town, so it was definitely not what we were expecting. It was still so fun!

Saturday found us girls laying out on a dock in the campground/park across from our hotel while the guys golfed again. It was 4 hours of some sun, some floating, and a lot of chatting. I think that was my favorite part of the weekend!

The rest of the evening was spent dealing with our guys who had too much to drink on the golf course, pigging out on Italian food (my stomach still hurts thinking about it), playing in/by the pool (I didn’t want to get wet again), and an early bedtime for me. I was tired and my foot hurt. Somebody had to make good decisions (finally)! :)

Sunday we stopped at a Mexican joint for more gorging and drinks before coming home. I then proceeded to overeat the rest of the day. I probably ate a good 5,000 calories every day this weekend. Lovely.

Finally, yesterday morning found me super bloated with wicked heartburn and gas. I was a lovely creature yesterday! That’s when I really got serious with myself. This excess drinking and eating has got to stop. How am I ever going to feel good and be healthy if I am eating and drinking in excess every weekend? I won’t. So I’m done.

I’ve been half-ass tracking my food on MyFitnessPal for a while now, but yesterday I got serious with it. I need limits. I just do. Without them, I will stretch all boundaries. So I gave myself a limit of having a 250+ calorie deficit a day. I’m really aiming for 500, but I want to go easy on myself. Restriction doesn’t work for me, but reasonable limits do. I also need to remind myself that I’m not doing this to be skinny, but to be fit and healthy. Oh and happy. Because I can’t keep doing what I’m doing. If I continue on this path, I will be extremely obese and a drunk in not too long. Maybe suicidal too. Seriously.

Okay, sorry to bring you all down today! I’m just being open and honest. I’m actually feeling really good right now. I think it’s because I know I’m taking steps to get on the right path. The right path for me that is. You’re path is likely different from mine, and that’s a-okay.


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The Past 7 Days

Happy Friday! At different points in this week I have felt like either the weekend was dragging (Monday & Tuesday morning when my internet wasn’t working) or just flying by (Wednesday through today). It’s left me really confused! I have to tell you about a couple of confusing moments:

  1. When I checked into my hotel yesterday, and the lady at the front desk said her computer was super slow this week. I wanted to tell her because it’s Monday and everything moves slower on Monday. Then I realized it was Thursday. When I visit multiple clients in one week, I get confused as to what day of the week it is! Yesterday was my first day at this client, so it should be Monday, right?
  2. When I was at the grocery store in Park Rapids, MN, and there was beer in the cooler aisle. If you’re not from MN, we don’t sell “real” beer and liquor in grocery stores or convenience stores. Only 3.2% beer. I’ve never seen it in a grocery store though, only a gas station/convenience store. So I stared at the case for a minute, and then went in my head, “oh yeah, I’m not in MN right now. What state am I in? Oh crap, I am in MN”. Yes, when I travel I sometimes forget where I am… including the state. Doh!

Yesterday was just an odd day I guess. :)

Highlights of the Last Week

Since I don’t have much else to talk about, let’s go through my highlights since last Friday. I have a fun weekend ahead, so this will help me take my mind off counting down the hours until the weekend starts.

Date night with my husband in St. Paul

We definitely want to stay in downtown St. Paul again. This was our first time, and it is so much more laidback then downtown Minneapolis! We loved that feel!

The Color Run + Running with my husband

I want to repeat this (minus the whole pain and having to walk a lot) 1 million more times!

Movie night for wine/book club

This time around my wine/book club picked The Fault in Our Stars for to read. Instead of getting together at my house to drink wine and chat, we decided to go to the movie. It was so fun! We met up ahead of time for dinner and drinks at our theater’s restaurant, then loaded up on popcorn and saw the movie. I went through 2 kleenexes. Even after reading the book, the movie was so sad! Plus I cry very very easily.

Afternoon in th sun (otherwise known as taking a random half day off of work)

I found myself finished with my client on Tuesday and having a full day Wednesday to either catch up on stuff, or make it fun. Since I’m reasonably caught up on stuff at work, I decided to just enjoy my day. I worked a little in the morning and popped in periodically to respond to emails, but otherwise I sat in the sun and did some cleaning. It was glorious!

Getting honest with Jamie

I had my bi-weekly meeting with Jamie on Wednesday. We talked about my biggest issue right now – alcohol. It was a rough call, but in the end, I’m so glad for it. I really just need to be brave and say no. I’m so over heavy drinking, but I have been scared to make changes. Not like I realized I was scared – like subconciously scared and full of excuses. This weekend I am going to practice being brave. And pacing myself. And remembering that I don’t want to feel like crap the next day (thanks Sarah!), and that my goals are really and truly attainable and within my reach once I get a handle on this. And only once I get a handle on this. Otherwise I will be stuck in this place forever. And it’s not where I want to be.

Note: I love being a gramar rebel and starting sentences with and. ;)

Seated workout with Jessica Smith TV

I finally did a seated workout that I had said I was going to try earlier this week! I love, love, love Jessica Smith TV workouts on You Tube, so I did this seated one last night. It was good! I thought some of my muscles would be sore today, but nothing yet. Sometimes it doesn’t hit me until a full 24 hours after I exercised.

Covert Affairs mini marathon

This also happened last night! I exercised before dinner last night since my stomach hurt, and I thought exercise would help. It did! Then I went to a grocery store, bought some healthy eats, and proceeded to watch Covert Affairs on Amazon for the rest of the evening. It was glorious!

Side note: Do you know how to find the healthiest frozen meals? I looked this up yesterday since that was my game plan for dinner once I saw that my hotel room had a microwave. From this article on WebMD, I learned that you should look for meals that are:

Low in calories and fat, include a good source of protein, have at least 3 grams of fiber (for satiety), and not more than 600 milligrams of sodium.

I chose an Amy’s Light & Lean meal, and it was great. Really, frozen meals aren’t as gross as they used to be.

It really has been a great week! I’m looking forward to a wonderful weekend ahead. I’ll be back early next week to tell you all about it. And to tell you how successful I was with moderate drinking.


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Grilling with Red Gold

Happy Hump Day! I’m coming at you today with some grilling fun. I love grilling in the summer. Nearly every evening we have dinner from the grill. One summer favorite to grill – burgers. Fat, juicy, meaty burgers. Yum!

Recently Red Gold Tomatoes contacted me about a Summer Grillin’ Party they are throwing. By joining in the fun, you could win a green egg or a sweet apron! To share this fun, Red Gold sent me six cans of their tomatoes, an apron, and a ton of cool recipes.

RedGoldSo far, I’ve used two of the cans to make two recipes – Spicy Tomato Burger and Caribbean Burger (supposed to be chicken, but I used beef). You can find all of the recipes on Red Gold’s site.

To make these recipes, you simply mix a can of Red Gold Tomatoes to a pound of ground beef, turkey, chicken, etc. and grill up your burgers. The Spicy Tomato Burger uses Red Gold Petite Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies and the Caribbean Burger uses Red Gold Petite Diced Tomatoes with Lime Juice and Cilantro.

Have you ever used diced tomatoes in burgers before? I hadn’t, but I think I will keep doing it. It keeps the burgers moist, adds some extra flavor, and also adds some nutrients to a meaty meal.


I was actually going to show you both of the types of burgers I made, but, since I used beef for both, they look the same. :) Trust me, they might look just like normal burgers, but there is so much flavor in these suckers. I really encourage you to check out the recipes and join in on the Summer Grillin’ Party. The party ends soon – July 23rd. You better hop on it if you’re interested in winning a green egg!

Disclaimer: Red Gold Tomatoes sent me six cans of their tomatoes and an apron at no cost, but all opinions are my own.



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Some Weekend Lessons

Happy Monday! Oh the start of another week. Once again, I was not ready for Monday morning, but I’m at a nice client doing some easy work, so I can’t complain.

Did you have a good weekend? Mine was a blast! I’ll do a little recap of it, but I want to talk about some other stuff too. Mainly I want to go back to that post about No Excuses, and talk about some things I still need to work on. It fits well with my weekend recap, so I’ll do both at once. Yeah!

Last Week & The Weekend

So I didn’t post much last week. I was kind of in a funk. You see, I hurt my foot the week before, and it’s really gotten me down. I ran on the 2nd, and my foot hurt after my run. I thought it was just tired from the run, but it just kept on hurting. It didn’t help that I was on my feet a lot on the 3rd and 4th. Finally it started swelling on the 5th and hasn’t let up. I stayed off of it and tried to elevate it as much as possible. I iced a bit, although not much because I’m a wuss when it comes to icing. I hate cold! Anyway, I finally went to the doctor after work last Thursday. I don’t have a stress fracture, and my doctor thought I might have some bruising on my tendons or the soft tissue on the top of my foot. So there’s nothing I can do but take ibuprofen, elevating, and icing. Oh and resting. Here is where my freak out ensues – Ragnar is one month away from tomorrow, and I can’t run and train! I’m already way behind on training and feel like a basket case. I’m just hoping my foot feels better soon so I can get back out there.

So last week was spent wallowing in self pity. I drank wine and pouted because I couldn’t work out. I handled the situation in the complete opposite way than I should have. Instead of drinking wine, I should have found other things to do to keep myself entertained. Here’s where No Excuses comes in –when I can’t work out and feel pitiful, I need to practice self care, not self destruction. Instead of drinking wine, I could have found some seated exercises I could do to improve my fitness. That’s my plan for this week. I can still bike since I can use my heels, so I plan on biking and doing seated strength exercises to improve my fitness this week. No more lying on the couch all evening! Well, I have to do a bit of that to elevate my foot, but I don’t think I need to all evening.

Photo: This is what she has been doing all night. Which one is closer to her face?

On Friday I told myself it was time to snap out of it. I had big plans of going to a small happy hour and then just chilling on our deck and grilling for the evening. I wanted to rest up my foot before our fun weekend plans. Guess what didn’t happen? Any of that! I went to happy hour, and was easily convinced to stay out longer. I didn’t get to bed until after 3am. Ugh. So much for rest! Although I had fun hanging out with B’s coworkers, I know I should have done the right thing for my body by having a short happy hour and going home. My body badly needed the rest, and I didn’t give it what it needed. The lesson – I need to listen to that little voice inside that’s telling me to go home and rest. That’s my intuition, and it knows exactly what I really need.

I did listen to my body a bit on Saturday! Finally. I convinced my husband that we needed to have a morning in bed, and we pretty much napped most of the day away. My body needed the rest so badly!

After napping we drove down to the cities and checked into a hotel. We had The Color Run in the cities on Sunday, so we spent the night instead of getting up super early the next morning. We had a tasty sushi dinner, and then went to a brewery in St. Paul for some beverages. That part was so fun!

Photo: Can we have a courtyard? I kind of love them!

The learning opportunity came after that. We went back to the hotel bar to hang out for a bit before going to bed. Someone (ahem, me) had a couple drinks too many at the bar. Actually, I’m blaming it on trading drinks with B and sipping on his Long Island. It was a very badly made Long Island and tasted like there was a lot of gin in it. Nobody needs gin at the end of the evening. The lesson – I need to pace myself. I need to learn to savor drinks. To help with this, I plan on sticking with wine instead of beer. I savor wine way more than beer, and I’m (usually) able to stop myself after a few glasses of wine. Not so much with beer. Plus my body has been giving me horrible stomachaches and heartburn when I drink beer lately. Not good.

We’re finally to Sunday! I’m pretty happy with my Sunday, so there weren’t really any lessons to learn from it. I was hungover and feeling pretty nasty at the start, but after food and a nap, I was feeling right as rain.

The Color Run 5k was just so fun! Have you ever done one of these? I did the Color Vibe last summer, and it was equally as fun. Basically you run a 5k and get pelted with colored corn starch so that you are a colored mess by the end. The whole thing is like a giant party rather than a real race. There are no timing chips, and I don’t even think there is a race clock. You can totally walk the whole thing and take your time.

The best part about this particular Color Run was that my husband was with me. He’s never done a 5k before, so it surprised me when he signed up too. A group of us ran in memory of his cousin who passed away in December, so that was really why he signed up. There is talk about making it an annual thing, so I bet he’ll be doing more in the future. I’m so excited!

Photo: We got colored!! And I'm broken.

The worst part about this Color Run was my foot. I started out running and quickly learned that I needed to walk. Between the hangover and foot pain, I had to tell my husband we needed to walk a lot. It really got me down. They call The Color Run the happiest 5k, but it wasn’t very happy for me. I almost cried at one point because I was so frustrated. Darn foot! Just get better already!

In the end I was still glad I did the run. I loved getting hit with color and spending time with my husband and some of his family members. Such a great day!

Now I’m looking forward to some healthy eating this week, forgiving myself for the crap I did to my body over the weekend, and finding creative ways to work on my fitness.

Here’s to the start of a good week!


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