Making New Blends

What up party people! I was going to come back to you yesterday, but I was feeling under the weather. Like immediately after I posted on Sunday, I felt like crap. I felt pressure in my head, and my body was achey. I thought for sure I was coming down with a cold. Yesterday I felt pretty crappy too. I even left my client a bit early. Today I have decided it’s due to a lack of natural vitamin D rather than a cold. It’s been cloudy here for at least a week! It was supposed to be partly cloudy for a couple of hours today, but that never happened. It looks like I’m going to feel tired and rundown for a little bit longer. Boo. Maybe I should invest in a sun lamp?

So… Sunday. It was a blast! A few blends (blogger + friends = blends) got together here in my town. Hooray! We had tasty treats, games, and chatted. It was so fun! So fun that we didn’t even take a group picture. I didn’t even take one single picture. I was having too much fun!

I’ll just borrow a photo from Emily:

041 1024x1024 Sometimes bloggers forget to take pictures (and thats ok)

Look at all the food! That’s not even all of it! I definitely stuffed my face while I was there. Not even a little bit ashamed.

Can we talk about that almond bark in the middle of the photo in the white dish? Holy crap, that stuff is good! I ate a crap ton of the almond bark, Emily’s buffalo chicken dip (OMG so good!!), some caprese skewers, and my not-so-great cowboy caviar. Go to those links and make those recipes… I’m gonna!

Notice that I didn’t link my cowboy caviar? It was not good. I first had cowboy caviar at a friend’s house for the superbowl last year. It was soooo good. I couldn’t stop eating it. Like crack good. On Sunday I Googled a recipe for it, but apparently it wasn’t the right version. Plus my onion was very strong. I ended up dumping the leftover dip yesterday. I’m just going to have to ask my friend for his recipe!

I definitely want to go to another blend get together. It’s really fun hanging out with people you have only met like once (if ever), but you feel like you know them well anyway because of their blogs or social media. I thought about it after I left on Sunday… I felt completely at ease the whole time I was at Emily’s, but I had really only ever met one of the ladies (Katie) once before. For someone who is outgoing but shy (for real!), the fact that I had so much fun and felt so much at ease was so cool. Cheers to new blends!

If you’re curious, here is who was all there on Sunday besides myself:

Okay, I’m out of here. Before I run though, I do want to share a great post that Lauren wrote about her AdvoCare journey. Lauren is a huge inspiration to me, and I’m excited that I’ve “met” with her on Facebook now. I love what she has said about her AdvoCare journey, and I completely agree. Just check it out! I’m sharing this not because I want you to go spend all of your money on AdvoCare (although that would be fun!), but because I want to show you that I’m not the only one who has found more than just weight loss using this product. Dare I say that it is life-changing? I dare, I dare! :)

I’m also going to warn you now that I’m going to keep bringing up the group AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge that is beginning on January 5th. I want to get the word out so that whoever wants to join in the fun has the opportunity to hear about it and do so. I did my challenge without a group, but it would have been so much more amazing with one. So there ya go. Email me (, Tweet me (@dietqueenshelly), text me, Facebook me, Instagram me (@dietqueenshelly) if you ever have any questions.

K, bye!


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Giving Myself a Report Card

Ugh, it’s here… the last day of the weekend. Why do they have to go so fast?! 4 more work days until my Christmas vacation starts. Not that I’m counting or anything. ;)

Today was an extra special end to the weekend though… I got to get together with some other MN blogger friends – blends! I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow though. Today, let’s chat about food and whatnot.

Since I’ve been enjoying logging my eats and workouts during my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, I decided to keep doing it once the challenge ended this past week. I’ve been logging in a Google document so that I can gauge how clean I’ve been eating and track my workouts. I’m aiming for 80%+ clean eating. Here is how I’m defining clean:

  • Whole foods = clean
  • Meal Replacement Shakes (MRS) = clean
  • Minimally processed foods = clean (cheese, bacon, Great Harvest bread, etc.)
  • 1 glass of wine per day = clean (limited though… not drinking 1 glass of wine every single day)

I developed part of my definition of clean eating from Kath Eats Real Food. I love her views towards what is real food and how she aims to eat almost all real foods, but isn’t worried to have treats or eat out as well. That’s sort of what I’m going for with my 80% clean statement. It’s weird, because I remember reading some of her blog posts (like this one) a while ago and thinking I could never pin myself down to eating so clean. Never say never!


Something else I like from Kath Eats? Her Weight Loss Report Card that she made up when losing her baby weight. I think it’s helpful to run through how the week went, so I can know what tweaks I want to make for the coming week. Let’s run through it! Note: This is Sunday-Saturday, so it does not include today’s fun. :)

Kath Eats Real Food’s Weight Loss Report Card

Vegetable Intake | B+

Oh boy, my veggie intake started to get low this past week. On Friday I didn’t eat a single vegetable! Huge F that day! Overall, I seemed to do okay though. I’d like to keep striving to have at least 2 servings of veggies per day.

Portion Control | B+

My portion control has been in control for the most part. That’s awesome! There were a few days where my portions were high. I want to keep an eye on these, because it’s easy for me to get out of control with my portions. I don’t want to leave the table stuffed!

Mindless Bites | A-

Throughout the challenge and now after the challenge, I haven’t really emotionally or mindlessly eaten. I’ve pretty much eaten when I’ve been hungry. That’s amazing for me! I do know there are a few times this past week where I just wanted something a little more. I think that just happens from time to time, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

Dessert Intake | C+

I had a lot of desserts this past week between my slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake that I ate for three days, wine, and some chocolate covered popcorn that I found. After today, this should be back to a normal zone since I won’t have that darn cheesecake to munch on for half the week.

Alcohol Intake | A

I had wine three times this past week, but kept it to 1 glass (twice) and 2 glasses (once). I think that is a just fine zone.

Exercise Motivation | B

I’m giving myself a B here because I had motivation to do my thing in the morning, but I only got extra workouts in twice this past week. I’d like to get more extra evening exercise to build some muscles.

Exercise Quality | A

All of my workouts have been effective. I’m either out of breath and sweating or my muscles are sore for days. Great job!

Exercise Quantity | B+/A-

See the exercise motivation – I’d like to get more evening workouts in, but I did do my 30 minutes every morning. I also fit in an extra 45 minutes of evening workouts.

Overall | B+

I’m giving myself a B+ this past week. It wasn’t the greatest week, but it was still pretty good. I also managed to be about 81%, even with all of my treats. Nice job! Now I know what I want to work on this week. I can tell you right now, I am fighting an uphill battle now and starting the week at 50% clean. I chomped on a bunch of treats with my blends. :) Totally, 100% worth it!!

Have a wonderful end to your weekend! I’m skipping out on dinner tonight (I never say that!!) since I had so many treats this afternoon and am nowhere near hungry. I made 2 pounds of pulled pork for dinner too! Looks like I’ll be having a crap ton of leftovers for lunch and dinner all week. Later!


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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge–My Benefits & It’s Your Turn!!

Hey friends! So you’ve heard me blab on and on about AdvoCare and my recent AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. I got so much out of that challenge! Do you need a reminder? Out of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge I did from November 13th through December 6th, I reaped the following benefits:

  • Weight loss. I lost 7 pounds and 4.3 inches from my bust, waist, and hips.

#toobig#saggybuttMy pants are now way too big! It’s an awful problem to have (sarcasm).

  • Energy. It’s all about the Spark! I am caffeine sensitive and still was able to love me some Spark energy on the daily.
  • Cleaned up my diet. Prior to the challenge I had been eating pretty crappy. I sort of felt like I couldn’t even remember what was healthy and what wasn’t anymore. Well, the challenge really helped me remember! Now I love to eat clean and am making it a personal goal of eating 80-90% clean each week.
  • Gave me a sense of belonging. I was really depressed prior to this challenge, not really feeling like I belonged anywhere or knowing what was next for me. The challenge changed that for me by giving me all kinds of new AdvoCare friends that I could chat with daily in the Facebook group I’m part of if I wanted to.
  • Reminded me of my love for cooking. You don’t have to love to cook when doing the challenge. I do love cooking though. I had a blast making a huge list of recipes of challenge friendly meals, choosing 7 or so meals for a given week, grocery shopping for them, and making scrumptious meals. To me, that was a great time. If you don’t like cooking so much, don’t worry – a lot of challenge friendly meals don’t involve much cooking. Also, I’ve started putting together a Pinterest board to help myself and others out with finding delightful challenge meals. Check that out!
  • Got me sweating again. Prior to the challenge my workouts were skimpy. During the challenge I started getting up and exercising in the morning. Me… exercising in the morning! I never thought it would happen. I love it. I actually missed my interval walk/run on my treadmill when I was traveling yesterday and didn’t have treadmill access. Seriously!
  • Gave me a confidence boost. Dude, I felt so awesome. I still do. I didn’t eat any bread, dairy, fried foods, processed foods (besides some meats), or alcohol for 24 days. And it honestly wasn’t hard. That makes me feel amazing!

Okay, so these are all of the things I’ve gotten out of the challenge. Are you interested now in seeing what you can get out of the challenge? Guess what? Now is the perfect time! The Facebook group that I am part of is starting another group 24 Day Challenge starting on January 5th. That’s the first Monday in January. That’s the first Monday to start your New Years’ resolution after your sins and debauchery of ringing in the new year. Perfect timing, right?

Honestly, if you are interested in doing a 24 Day Challenge, now is the right time. I put this this off for almost a year before I said yes to it. Gosh, I wish I hadn’t done that now. Just think of all of the progress I could have made a year ago already. I spent a year gaining weight, being depressed, fighting demons, and constantly searching for something to help me change. I could have skipped all of that since I know AdvoCare would have done all of that for me a year ago. It did it now, right? So, if there is even the tiniest part of yourself that thinks this challenge could help you… do it!!

If you want to know more about the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, feel free to email me at shelly at lifeofadietqueen dot com.

If you don’t want to ask any questions, but you just want to sign up for the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, you can order it here.

Everyone who orders will become part of a private Facebook group which is where you can participate in the group challenge. I love that Facebook group so much! You’ll definitely see me in there.

Finally, if you don’t want to just take my word for it, check out two great resources:

Both of those links will go straight to their AdvoCare pages of their blogs.

Okay, go order now! I wish I hadn’t just finished a challenge so I could order with you!



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A Day in My Travel Life

Wednesday. Does anyone else find Wednesdays to be one of the toughest days of the week? I mean, we all expect Monday to be tough, but I feel that Wednesdays might be worse. I get started on Monday, get grooving on Tuesday, am exhausted on Wednesday, hurry on Thursday, and finish strong (or take off work) on Friday. Wednesday is so blah – you don’t have to hurry to get things done since you still have Thursday and Friday for that, and you are already sick of working for the week. Or is this all just me?

Anyway, I’m traveling this lovely Wednesday. Here’s a little day in the life on days I travel:

  • 6am – alarm goes off… time to hit the treadmill for 30 minutes of walk/run intervals! Holy crap, are my legs sore from yesterday afternoon’s extra workouts! I did Jessica Smith TV’s 15 minute kettlebell workout and 15 minute kickboxing workout for an afternoon pick-me-up. Lots of squats!
  • 6:45am – drag myself into the shower. I hate showering.
  • 6:55-7:30am – get half dressed and eat breakfast while watching the Today Show and checking social media and gmail.
  • 7:30-8+am – I always mean to leave by 8, but it just never happens. I run around like a crazy woman getting ready, packing, taking out the garbage (not usually, but today I did), and running out the door. Today I left at 8:15. Better than 8:30!
  • 8:15-10:10am – drive, drive, drive. Today I listened to The Chalene Show podcast and chatted with my husband on the phone while I drove. Really had to pee by the time I got to my client.

  • 10:10-11:40am – work, work, work.
  • 11:40-11:50am – Lunch. I eat quickly while reading a blog and then get right back to work. Today I have a lot to get done. I didn’t look at the clock, but I bet it was like 10 minutes. I shovel food in my face fast!
  • 11:50-4pm – work, work, work. I take mini breaks to use the bathroom, fill my water, check Facebook, etc. throughout the day.
  • 4-4:45pm – drive to the next town where I’m staying for the night. Hit up the grocery store for some dinner (see below) and lunch for tomorrow (frozen Amy’s meal… they are the cleanest and healthiest thing I can manage in small towns). Check in to hotel. Here’s what I came up with for dinner:


I was really surprised to find this in the small town grocery store that I visited. I had just heard about this brand from fANNEtastic food, and here it is! Check out the ingredients list:


Look at that all natural goodness! The only downside are the nutrition facts below. A bit high in all the key areas (I ate the whole thing), especially fat and sodium, but it won’t kill me for one night. Plus I got 30g of protein and 6g of fiber out of the deal! A Carb-Ease Plus was taken before this meal. Just one though… I wasn’t sure if there were enough carbs for two. I’m still learning my body and the product. :) I’m so glad I thought to bring it along just in case!NaanPizza3

  • 4:45-10pm – read, eat, blog (hi!!), read some more, maybe watch shows online (want to catch up on Madame Secretary), exercise (Jessica Smith TV on YouTube is where it’s at this week), read more, bed. I’m always at least in bed by 10pm. Lately I’ve been ready to sleep at or before 10. Otherwise, the latest I will ever stay awake is 10:40. Usually that only happens when I’m going to wake up at 6:30 or 7 the next day.

A lot of people ask me what I do since I travel a lot, work weird hours, take random days off, etc. I’m a bank regulatory compliance consultant. I work for an accounting/consulting firm, but banks hire me to help them be in compliance with federal regulations. Have you heard of the FDIC, OCC, FRB, or CFPB? Those are all government agencies that come up with laws and regulations that banks have to abide by. I get to read all of those regs. and make sure my clients have got them down. It can be complicated, dry, exciting, monotonous, and very busy. It’s a great gig though, and I am always aware of that fact.

Since I have all of this travel time to zone out and think, today I thought about confidence. I’m generally a pretty confident person, but I really do have periods of low self-confidence. Most times I mask this by being loud, sassy, or sarcastic (or all of the above). Not always though.

Why am I bringing this up? I just noticed a few times in the last week that I had to sit myself down and tell myself to be more confident. Here are some current ways my confidence has been lacking, and I’ve had to slap myself:

  • On a recent phone call I was hesitant to say the name of my blog, give out the URL, or talk about it. I do blog comparisons a lot and don’t feel super confident that mine is as awesome as others’.
  • Chatting with other bloggers or just people I look up to online. I get nervous they won’t like me. Why don’t I have as many blogger friends as other bloggers?!
  • Thinking about being an AdvoCare distributor. I worry that I’ll come off as pushy and trying to force people to buy. That’s not how I want to come off at all – I want to help you feel as awesome as I feel! I want you to find this amazing product and these amazing people and just have a blast.
  • When I lose a client. I lost my Miami client recently! I always take it so personally, but inside I know it’s not because they hate me or my work.

Why do we second guess ourselves so much? I drive myself crazy when I do it! I overthink, overanalyze, and just want to hide. It’s so silly! I wish I could be confident in all areas, but the sad truth is that we all have areas like mine above where we aren’t 100% sure of ourselves. Crap, I’m human.

That was basically a whole segment telling you about how not-awesome I am. Ha! Now I should do one where all I talk about is my awesomeness…. And I’m coming up blank! All I can think about is how sore my legs are (seriously, I look like an old woman when I stand up!). And how I hate that it gets dark so early. 10ish more days until the days start getting longer!

I better go before I find something else to ramble on about. If you’re feeling brave, share with me an area you lack in confidence OR an area where you are the bomb dot com! <– I’ve been listening to too much Chalene. She says that a lot. :)


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Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Treat Yourself Tuesday! I have all kinds of treats from the last week to share with you. It’s been a good week! Linking up with Becky as per usual.

Let’s do this…

  • Having my mom home and picking her up at the airport. No more explanation needed. Oh, unless you missed that she had been in Ireland since August.
  • Another AdvoCare shipment – I ordered more MRS, V16, and Carb-Ease Plus since it is the December spotlight product so it’s on sale. Stocking up!


  • Working at home Thursday, Friday, yesterday, and today. It’s so nice! It’s also going to be hard to visit clients the rest of the week and next week.
  • Celebrating my husband’s birthday this weekend:
    • Wild hockey game on Friday night. So fun! We had seats right by the penalty box, so I took a few pictures of favorite players in the penalty box. The people sitting around us were hilarious too. They kept yelling funny things. I definitely want to sit there again!

Parise Ballard

    • Brunch at the Original Pancake House on Saturday morning. I had a veggie omelet without cheese and naked wheat pancakes. Yum!
    • Mall of America on Saturday. Can you believe we walked around the MOA for 4 hours without buying a single thing?! We were just in the looking mood and not the buying mood. It happens sometimes… weird, I know.
    • World’s largest ice fishing show on Saturday. Ha! I don’t think this was really that much of a treat for me… more for my husband! It was neat seeing some of the fish houses – they double as campers these days. Just nuts. And so expensive!
    • Playing in the pool and hot tub at our hotel. Just makes you feel like a kid again!
    • Grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods on Sunday. This is a treat for me since the nearest one is an hour away from our house. I also had the hot bar and salad bar from Whole Foods for lunch – so good!


  • My post-challenge celebratory meal last night – Domino’s Philly Cheesesteak pizza and Chris’ Outrageous Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. Is it weird that a Domino’s pizza is my favorite? The cheesesteak one is just so good! I definitely ate too much pizza so that I only had room for a few bites of my cheesecake. That’s okay – then it lasts longer! A couple more things about this treat – (1) I took Carb-Ease Plus before eating it (well, halfway through my pizza I remembered it), and this time I didn’t have any gas pains or bloating. Perfect! That means it worked and was truly needed this time, unlike last time. (2) My treat backfired a bit on me. My legs felt soooo heavy, and I had less energy this morning than I normally do for my workout. I had planned to extend my faster walking interval by a minute this morning, but I found myself gasping for breath finishing the running intervals, so I just couldn’t do it. Tomorrow!
  • 7 more work days before having 17 days away from work. Yes, 17 days! That’s more than half of a month! Because of holidays, I’m only using 8 vacation days too. I.can’t.wait. And I might feel just a little naughty for taking that much time off.

Now I’m motivated to get all of my work done for sure!


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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge–The Results!

It’s Monday! That means it’s my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge results day! I’m so happy to be sharing these with you. Ready?!

Pounds lost: 7

Inches lost: 4.3 in bust, waist, and hips

Amazing! At first I was a bit disappointed because I had set my goal at 10 pounds and 10 inches (all over… not just bust, waist, and hips that I ended up measuring). Then I slapped myself. My body has been through a lot in the last few years – a million diets, tons of weight gained, etc., so 7 pounds is amazing. I’m also short, so it makes sense that I would lose less than the average of 10 pounds. I’m 5’2″… it takes me longer to lose weight than taller people! So I’m back to being happy and excited about this!

Just to put it in even greater perspective, let’s think about how long I tried to practice intuitive eating or count calories without any results? A long, long time. Years! I have been gaining weight and trying to lose said weight for 5 years! Here’s my proof of that fact:


The photo on the left is after my first 5k on August 15, 2009 (5k on my 25th birthday!), and the one on the right is from December of the same year. I had reached my goal weight in July/August, but I already started gaining it back that fall. 5 years I have been struggling with this! That’s so sad.

Seriously though, I think I’ve found what will help me get back to that picture on the left and stay there forever. Just by Googling, you can see AdvoCare has helped so many people do just that. And without being crazy about counting calories or extreme food restriction (totally what got me to the photo on the left). Now that I have a taste of the results, I whole-heartedly believe in these products!

That brings me to what the heck am I going to do now to keep losing pounds and inches. I’m going to keep going! It turns out you can continue the max phase of the 24 Day Challenge forever. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. If you need a refresher, the max phase means you take the following:

  • Spark (vitamin and amino acid drink for tons of energy)
  • Catalyst (amino acid supplement to build muscles and sustain energy)
  • MNS 3 (or C or E that have more caffeine – core nutrition plus appetite control and more energy)
  • MRS (tasty tasty meal replacement shakes)

I also have Carb-Ease Plus for days where I’m eating a lot of carbs and V16, which is a caffeine free Spark-like product for more energy. I’m also going to continue to eat clean. Just a little more dairy, carbs, and alcohol thrown in… in moderation.

That is all after this evening that is. This evening I’m going to pop a couple of Carb-Ease Plus before I have some Domino’s Philly Cheesesteak pizza and part of a slice of Cheesecake Factory crazy cheesecake. That cheesecake will last me for three days, so I guess I will be having a little for the next few nights as well. :) You have to treat yourself after doing such an awesome job on a tough challenge, so this is the way I’m doing it – with foods I was craving during my challenge. Then it’s right back to eating clean and losing!

I should also let you know that I took before and after pics for this challenge, but I’m not going to share them. I decided to keep those to myself. Maybe someday they will be unearthed, but not right now.

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow to share about my fun weekend. Later!



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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge—Days 18-24

Happy happy Sunday y’all! While I’m having just a fabulous weekend, I’ll share that with you tomorrow. Today I want to tell you all about the last 7 days of my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. This is the final 7 days! Hoo-freaking-ray!

Before I hop right into what I ate and how I exercised, let’s talk about the end of this challenge, okay? As you are well aware, I had just been having a blast on the challenge. Yes, had. I hit that 3 week mark this week and all of a sudden was so ready to be done. I kept asking myself why and determined it only came down to wine. I wanted a glass of wine sooooo bad. All of a sudden I was counting down to the end of the challenge so that I could have that glass of wine. I even got mad that I didn’t bring my scale with me on my weekend travels because it would extend my challenge by a day. Yes, I think I got a little crazy.

All of that being said, I sort of cheated on my challenge. Yesterday was supposed to be day 24, but I really wanted that glass of wine and to have a few tastes of my husband’s birthday dessert. Not to mention go out to breakfast with him and not crap on his birthday dinner if the restaurant he chose didn’t have perfect challenge food. So I decided that I would go off the rails a bit yesterday, reign it back in today as the makeup day 24, and weigh and measure tomorrow as planned. Works for me! I also didn’t go nuts – I ate challenge friendly meals until dinner. We went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory, so I ate off of their Skinnylicious menu, but I didn’t adjust my order to make it a little more challenge friendly. I also had a few tastes of my husband’s ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream that he got for his free birthday dessert. Then, back at the hotel, I had a glass of wine. A big glass, but just one. :) I don’t think that was the worst cheat in the world, and I am right back to the challenge today. This is life, and sometimes that’s how it works.

Let’s tell you about food and exercise and supplements!



  • MRS every day


  • Leftover apple honey pork and potatoes
  • Leftover spaghetti squash spaghetti
  • Leftover chicken tortilla soup and detox salad
  • Leftover detox salad and hen from Thanksgiving
  • Sweet potato, turkey bacon, olives, and avocado (see Paleo nachos below… just done differently) <—This is now a favorite! I bought more sweet potatoes this week!
  • Dr. Praeger’s California veggie burger, potato, and avocado
  • Whole Foods’ hot and salad bar


  • Spaghetti with spaghetti squash (added lean beef to the sauce recipe)
  • Detox salad with chicken (I’m not even linking the recipe I used since I didn’t really like it. I was looking for a Whole Foods’ detox salad copycat recipe. The one I found wasn’t good and made 12 cups of salad! I should have definitely checked that out before making it. Boo!)
  • Nuts and raisins (Tuesday after picking my mom up from the airport. I had a bunch of snacks instead of dinner.)
  • Paleo nachos (For dinner I made them with the chicken in the recipe and topped with black olives, avocado, and pico de gallo. I had them again for lunch one day with turkey bacon, the rest of the olives, and avocado. That SAME DAY I had them with just turkey bacon and avocado for dinner. My new favorite is sweet potato, turkey bacon, and avocado. Holy crap, it’s good!)


  • Apples with PB
  • Plain apples
  • Carrots and celery with PB or hummus
  • Raisins and nuts or pumpkin seeds
  • Larabars


The supplements for the max phase have all been the same. I will talk about a few things I have learned about the supplements and my body (everyone is different!):

  • The before breakfast MNS Color Pack will make me nauseous if I don’t eat breakfast within 30 minutes or less on days where I don’t exercise right away. I’m very sensitive to caffeine, so this should have been a no-brainer for me. Oops.
  • Taking Carb-Ease Plus with a mildly starchy meal, not a super starchy meal, will make me bloated and have gas pains for 2 days. Ow. I will reserve this precious gem for super starchy meals (i.e. pizza, pasta, etc.)! I still believe it’s a good product… just not for non-super starchy meals. I just had this before my Paleo nachos since I had just gotten it and was excited to try it. Lesson learned!
  • Catalyst before bed somehow makes me sleep amazing. I have no clue why, but I love it!
  • MRSs are my new favorite breakfast. I didn’t originally order more to continue after the 24 Day Challenge since I thought I would be happy to go back to food for breakfast. False. I had to do another order because I realized I couldn’t live without these. I ordered vanilla and chocolate mocha in case you’re wondering.


Last week I said I was going to push harder and switch up my exercise. I did that to my morning routine, but then my evening routine suffered. Or completely fell apart. Here is what I did:

  • Sunday – off
  • Monday – 30 minute interval walk
  • Tuesday – 30 minute interval walk with 3 2-minute runs added (!!!!)
  • Wednesday – 30 minute interval walk/run (same as above… this is my new thing)
  • Thursday – 30 minute interval walk/run
  • Friday – 30 minute interval walk/run
  • Saturday (I’ll tell you about my exercise even though I’m counting today as my day 24) – 4+ hours of walking around MOA and the world’s biggest ice fishing show (how excited do you think I was about the latter?)
  • Sunday – 30 minute interval walk/run (back at it!)

This week I’m going to continue with that new morning routine, but try to throw some strength training in during the evenings.

I can’t wait to share my results with you tomorrow once my 24 Day Challenge is officially over! I’m also looking forward to the pizza and cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory that I’ll be having. ;) That’s called treating myself after a challenge in style! Have a wonderful end to your weekend!


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My Advo Obsession

Happy Friday! I’ve had just another fabulous week. My work schedule ended up being easier than I thought – that always makes for a great week. Instead of being at a client Monday through Friday like I had thought, I had the opportunity to work at home yesterday and today. My mind is sighing in relief!

Yesterday I was also able to continue my AdvoCare obsession even more. I had a call with Becky and Lauren to talk about AdvoCare business opportunities. It was a good call, and made me even more excited about all of this. When I started the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge I didn’t really think I would want to turn into an AdvoCare distributor. Actually, I was unsure about the sales and such when I signed up. I just really knew I wanted a discount.

Let’s back up. Last week I signed up as an AdvoCare distributor under Becky. At first, I wasn’t sure about becoming a distributor. There was this feeling that, if I signed up to be a distributor, I would be taking my business away from Becky, so she would lose that. Not true! I realized, since AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing type business, my signing up as a distributor just continues to help Becky. First hurdle cleared!

My next hurdle was the sales part of being a distributor. I just wasn’t sure about it. As mentioned above, I knew I wanted the distributor discount (starts at 20%!), but what about all this sales? Would I be forced to sell product and get pushy with my friends to buy stuff? Nope! AdvoCare distributors don’t need to reach any sales volume goals. So the option is open if I want to sell and get bigger discounts or make money, but I’m not forced into it if I don’t want to. Relief at clearing that hurdle!

Those were my only hurdles. From there, it’s just learning. Learning what the sales opportunities are like and how all of this works. I’ve learned some of it, but I’m no expert by any means. Basically I learned that, the more I buy or people buy under me, the more discounts I get and money I can make. Well, duh, but I love me a discount so this info is exciting for me!

So what’s up with me right now? I’m in obsession mode… big time. I am officially obsessed with AdvoCare. I love how it makes me feel, how it’s brought me out of this funk I’ve been in, and how I can just sit and chat with people on Facebook about it forever. I’m so obsessed that I even made my own domain that directs to my AdvoCare page – Isn’t that so fitting?!

If you click on over there, you’ll notice that I made some bundles on my AdvoCare site. I think I’ll go into those in more detail on another post, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me ( I will tell you that I copies those bundles from Becky. I’m too new to be able to come up with those on my own! I do know that I will be trying some of them in the future.

Other than that, I’m really looking forward to the weekend. It’s my husband’s birthday so we are going to take in a Wild game, maybe check out the MOA (Mall of America) for some people watching, and then he’s going to a Vikings game while I keep my butt toasty inside.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’ll catch up with you again on Sunday to chat about the end of my challenge!


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Hump Day Happiness

Happy hump day! I am really dragging today. I feel like I’ve been tired all week. What gives?! I think it’s going back to busy work after having time off. Yep, it’s definitely work’s fault.

I could wait until Friday Favorites for this post, but I feel I have so much happiness to share today. Why not share happiness midweek when some of us might be dragging?

Hump Day Happiness

Here are some things that are making me oh-so-happy right now!

  • My mom came home yesterday, and I got to pick her up from the airport! She’s been in Ireland teaching a study abroad (she’s a college professor) since August. It’s so nice to have my mom home!
  • I signed up to attend AdvoNation in January in Des Moines, IA! This is a conference for AdvoCare distributors and advisors to all get together and talk AdvoCare. I’m excited to learn more about the products and sales, and to share my Advo-love with more people. Yes, I have truly become obsessed and think about AdvoCare constantly.
  • I’ve added running intervals to my morning walk! Just 3 2-minute intervals, but it’s a start. Also might be why I’m so hungry today! Now to get back to some evening exercise too. I was so tired on Monday evening that I skipped it and yesterday I was busy getting my mom. Today I’m going to drink the other half of my Spark so that I can have more energy when I get home. Fingers crossed!
  • Christmas lights everywhere! Since I was out and about late yesterday, I finally got to see Christmas lights. I have my tree up and my outside lights on, but I hadn’t been out late since Thanksgiving, so I didn’t see anyone else’s until yesterday. So pretty! I swear this year I’m going to get my husband to drive me around and look at lights.

  • My 24 Day Challenge ends in just 3 more days! I’m not really happy about that per-se, it’s just that I’m excited. I think it will be kind of a non-event, since I’m going to continue in the max phase of the challenge, but it’s still exciting! I’ll talk more about my plans this weekend when I post about the last 7 days of the challenge.
  • I’m officially wearing my smaller pants! It’s such a good feeling! I can’t wait to feel these pants get looser and looser.
  • Only 11 more work days until more time off! I’m planning on working December 18th, and then not working again until January 5th. Holy cow, right?! I might pop in to check on some things during that time, but I’m not going to do any solid work. The time off is really needed! Especially since I worked during my last vacation back in August.

See, so much to be happy about this hump day. I’m going to keep focusing on these things and not how tired I am. :)

Tell me – what are you happy about today?


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Just Hi!

Oh friends. I had this long, crazy post written for today and scrapped it. It was just all over the place. Stay tuned for crazy thoughts at a later date!

Since I can’t seem to get my thoughts in order, I’ll just say hi. Just over here rocking my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. It’s over in 4 days. Too soon!!! When I can coherently type again, I’ll share my plans for after the challenge and other fun Advo-obsessions.

Have a happy Tuesday!


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